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  1. Booking Hotels in Ibiza

    Yes, i've booked through that site before, it works well. I last stayed at Mar Y Playa Apartments in ibiza town... i recommend them. a lot of room, not that expensive, right on the beach...
  2. tues 6/28

    sounds good, thanks man
  3. tues 6/28

    I'm in NYC for just one damn night - this tuesday the 28th I've been away from the scene for awhile, are there any good tuesday parties for the house or trance crowd? Thanks
  4. fucking awsome - what a night.
  5. cant wait - i'll be there by 10. Anyone know how long digweed's set is and when the place closes?
  6. USC vs. Texas

    good point
  7. USC vs. Texas

    Texas wont even be in the BCS next year, Vince was there entire offense and was their only leadership. Ohio State is going to blow them out in September
  8. USC vs. Texas

    Cant wait to see Vince Young turn pro and leave Texas to crash and burn next year. He's the only talented player on the whole team.
  9. Woman Swallows Cell Phone

    Missouri... yeah, leave it a redneck to swallow a fucking cell phone
  10. pics from Avalon, 7/1/05

    wow, erase that top picture immediatly
  11. nice popups

    use mozilla, block dat shit!
  12. Workout Gloves

    i wear gloves when lifting... Harbinger makes some good ones. i dont know why the fuck people think gloves are so pussy, i need them otherwise i start to lose grip on the bar by the time i get to my last reps. lifted for years without them, and never cared about having rough hands, but i've found that when you put on gloves and get that better grip, you feel more as if you have the weight totally under your control.
  13. Weight Loss Supplements

    ephedra can certainly help... not only by a slight metabolism boost (3% as nautica said), but you can really use the energy it gives you for fat burning excercise. its not magic though, you still wont get anywhere with proper diet the rest of the supliments on the market are basically nothing more than caffiene
  14. If You Missed The FAMOUS CZECH GIRL PUBLIC ***

    that chick must be fucking freezing nice hard nipples tho
  15. ASU Coeds

    ASU does have some seriously fine chicks, i've been out there to party a couple times... i love that chick in the red bandana... so hot