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  1. Pacha New York?

    "Cane" the bit about the old "Sound Factory"
  2. Pacha New York?

    case in point
  3. Pacha New York?

    Wow, I can see whoever wrote this took a lot of time to comb over it meticulously for factual and spelling errors....
  4. What's the best House Party Saturday?

    Great of you to nominate an act that isn't even house.
  5. Attn: Silverbull re: Paradise Garage

    stereo gets 1 point for their sound system, and 2 points taken away for david morales
  6. VC rocked it

    heh... one of best parties ive ever been to at crobar. crowd was very mixed (sexually).... and followed the trend of the last 2 parties, which became gradually more and more straight each month. the crowd was almost perfect - very very good vibe. the place was pretty packed but not ridiculously packed like [email protected] and basically everybody was dancing too.
  7. Birthday Party on Saturday night

    1. Duvet isn't meatpacking, it's flatiron 2. The cover isn't that much, if you're worried about spending like $20 a person, you probably shouldn't be having a birthday party
  8. Best Small/big Room Clubs Right Now

    What's wrong with Le Souk?
  9. Best Small/big Room Clubs Right Now

    I definitely agree with this assessment. (If I had to pick 1 for each). Cielo running 2nd place behind Le Souk....
  10. Victor Calderone (5am) @ Crobar, Sat 7/23

    VC may be great, but I've never heard Vibe start dropping a bunch of cheesy diva songs at the end of a set either.
  11. american express IN:NYC card

    its a scam, dont even bother getting an amex unless you're invited into the centurion club. or you can paint your in nyc card black and try to order a bottle of perignon at cain
  12. drums at clubs

    Yea it's pretty lame and unavoidable... PM and Cain and One have that crap going on too
  13. Kazulo Party Photo's...hot!

    yeah, i think you should investigate any possible fire code violations....
  14. Kazulo Party Photo's...hot!

    woah a lot of undercover dudes at this party
  15. no napster, audiogalaxy, no what????

    soulseek sucks now. emule all the way