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  1. PACHA bookings heating up . . .

    sanchez may have been relevant at centrofly at crobar hes simply tired . . .
  2. PACHA bookings heating up . . .

    my bad i was about to take you seriously but then you had to go and list djs didnt you . . .sanchez blows & never had a crowd , kleinenberg obv has no draw thats why they let high school kids in, chus and ceballos are great but they have no following, sleep dish and oh right i almost forgot richie santana . . .the resident at pacha . . .whatwhat!
  3. place is en fuego . . . .zabiela, maas, sven, morillo, lawler . . .are you kidding me with this lineup???? . . .crobar sucking wind imo . . .wonder if they are doing a music conference party as well???
  4. . . . .does anyone have pix?
  5. STEVE LAWLER @ PACHA - Friday Dec.30

    sharam and dean coleman are the new deep dish?
  6. STEVE LAWLER @ PACHA - Friday Dec.30

    hope not sharam
  7. Pacha Morillo XMas REVIEW

    mezzanine was off the chains last night
  8. you dont need to split a table with another couple on nye . . .those are just the packages available on ********* for presales. . .you know who to call / email to discuss . . .pacha def has two-tops available for those couples wanting to ring in the new year with some privacy . . .there are even a few on the mezzanine available . . .GET THERE!!!
  9. Pacha x Ed Hardy

    anyone see that article in daily news about the ed hardy line for pacha? i want a tshirt sooooo badly . . .but will prob just be for the staff
  10. Become part of the crobar family!

    so basically what youre saying is that the bathroom attendants at crobar make more than their promoters . . .
  11. Pacha - JP - Richard Grant - UPDATE

    boris at crobar is a legit residency just ask any one of crobars owners or the several thousand ppl that religously go to hear him spin, that being said morillo @ pacha will be equally if not more compelling . . .how does someone compare morillo; an international phenom who tours europe selling out venues and commanding the highest dj fees around to an also ran like JP who never left nyc and can only draw 18+ - pacha will be bigger than SF ever was
  12. what about the first song morillo drops at pacha?
  13. i like to move it move it!!!!!!!!! imagine
  14. Boris classics @ Crobar Review

    beat morillos numbers . . .imagine that . . .sound to me like a crobar groupie is sweating the impending arrival of ericks new club pacha and is trying to hype up a crowded saturday night at crobar beyond reason - crobar wont even let erick spin on saturdays bc he would shut down manhattan . . .why do you think his last gig was on a friday?
  15. Pacha New York?

    im thinking about going the weekend they do the pacha ny party in ibiza - never been so figured that would be the logical choice