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No Ultraworld Thanksgiving weekend massive

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What many of us have heard is now confirmed:


From the site:

"The bad news is there will be no massive event on Thanksgiving weekend this year. We lost the DC Armory, due to publicity during last year's event regarding drug arrests. We were offered the use of RFK Stadium by the same company that manages the Armory (who fought for our continued use of the armory but lost), because the stadium is not under the jurisdiction of the military. However, as we have never reached capacity at the armory, there is no way we would take the financial risk of moving to a stadium. We looked into other venues of similar size, such as the MCI Center or Baltimore Arena, but they are far too expensive. We examined the idea of throwing smaller events, but DJ fees are too high for us to throw a 2000 - 3000 person one-off, let alone rent sound, lighting, and other things necessary for an event. Smaller parties work in a club because sound, lighting, staffing, etc... are already in place, but it does not work when these vastly expensive services are factored into a one-time party. So, it's been a great 4 years throwing one of the most legendary series of events in U.S. dance music history, but you know what they say about 'all good things'..."


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This fucking blows:( I loved Ultraworld Parties.

When i spoke to Lonnie Fisher about a month ago he basically said: I dont make any money anymore AND dont have fun. If i'd still be having fun, fuck the money - i'd still throw the parties. But no money, no fun - its not worth it.

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