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General rule for Oxy...

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If you are paying more than .50 per MG...than it's way high. I don't care what people say it goes for (fuckin' TV says 1/mg).

Do not pay more than .50 per mg...if you do, you paid too much!

Note: This was not meant to a new thread...I ment to answer a question about how much Oxy should go for and instead of reply...hit new topic. My bad all!

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Originally posted by elitesnautica

Hell, I just paid $1.2 per mg. I know that is high but, it was my only choice.


I got 1 great connect that hooks it up $15 for a 40, but they only get once in awile, my other $25 for a 40 but I dont really fuck w/it no more, only when I get a migraine.

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