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dare i ask

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I believe they're not getting back until later today. . at least I know that's the case with t.b.

. . .how was everyone else's holiday weekends? I had a great one, went to Gettysburg among other rural non-D.C. places. :tongue: Looking forward to revaluation on Friday - who's going?

'stina :D

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Hmmm.... its nice to know I was missed :D

No, unfortunately I didn't wind up in jail and even more unfortunate, no one was my bitch this weekend *lol*

Miami was a blast. Most of the days I spent at the beach. The weather was so nice! Friday night we hit up Crobar. I don't know who the dj was that was spinning (Sorry, Kuro I forgot to ask!) but he was amazing! Met up with Nautilus, Shlongus, Lobster & crew. I think we all took turns dancing on the speakers :rolleyes: After we left there, we headed to the beach for a nice swim. Wow! It was a beautiful night! Sitting in the sand, watching the sun come up and "expanding" our minds *lol*

Saturday I was pretty much useless but I did get some more tanning time in. I was so freakin' destroyed on Saturday night that after a quick chat with Malanee, I took a nap... and didn't wake up till 2:30 am! Whoops :D

Sunday we all went to see Danny Tenaglia @Space. Met up with the russians, Vic & Joey. This was only my second time seeing DT and he impressed me so much, well except for the fact that he was suppose to go on at 1 and didn't go on till 4... ahem... He also didn't talk as much as the last time I saw him. THANK GOD! He said a few words and pretty much shut up 'cept to announce that he would be spinning for 8 hours and that Missy Elliott was there (I didn't see her but I was pretty :drunk: )

I have a few complaints about Space (I'd been there before but I want to complaint now *lol*) $5 for water? WTF? And then when you try to fill your water back up in the bathroom, the attendant yells at you! I finally gave up after spending so much money on water and was just asking for cups of ice at the bar. Okay, so really its only one complaint...

Anyhow, I'll let the other guys fill you in on their adventures. I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Vic, Joey, Lobster, Nautilus, Shlongus & crew. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

Can you believe I didn't take a single picture? I was afraid they would come back to haunt me and ruin my political career :tongue:

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im back..i survived..never seen such a high ratio of boob jobs concentrated in one area as in space on sunday.

i realized how tasty chex mix really is...i realized how good DTR really is..i realized how sick oscar g is (even thoug he was just warning up), i realized i can get fubar 2 days in a row w/o any problems, i realized that i only got 1 day of sun, i realized that i would not mind going back to live in FL at all ...and i also realized that the blankets are calling my name

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