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Looking 4 SEX in Istanbul & Prague !?!?!

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shit dude i don't think you're gonna get too lucky on here. let me steer you in the more appropriate direction:



Area called Taksim. Very close to the Hyatt, Intercontinental, Hilton. Along

main road are several topless bars. These places are rip-offs. First beer

costs US $ 50, next US $ 30; you get jack shit for this except looking

at a bored Russian girl dancing with a g-string. Avoid hakers on this

street trying to get you in, promising everything.

Best bet in Istanbul is calling your concierge or front desk manager

at your hotel. Most will arrange for a selection. Some of the girls are

quite nice (you will pay US $ 150 to 200 for full night). If they are

arranged by the hotel, you will not be ripped-off. You would be amazed how

many five-star hotels do this (Hilton, Hyatt, Intercon, SwissHotel).

Nightlife in Istanbul is quite good. However, if you are not there with a girl

you are not going to leave there with one.

Watch out for personal security in cheaper (Taksim area)

establishments, bouncers have a problem with white people from



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how fucking hilarious is that?

"room service how may i help you?"

"yeh uhh....room service....i'd like to be serviced. send me like, two of the best fucking sluts you got, pronto!"

"that would be $400. for an optional $50 surcharge, they'll swallow your load to the last drop"

"nah i'm fine thanks."

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My fathers whole fam lives in Istanbul......a few very cute cousins but you will have no luck there....

Nightlife is so much fun there...I'd say a little superficial but def a good time....I forget the names its been a long time since I've been back.,most places only the upperclass goes ......don't know if that's what you'd like?

I think club Havana was the name.....not possitive.....but it was my fave ....outdoors, chill atmosphere, ( a lot of Turkish movie stars kinda thing )

Under the bridge there is a strip w a whole shit load of clubs just ask around.....Turks are very friendly......just don't be an obnoxious american:D

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