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what's the best mauro picotto set???

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I collect Picotto shows like a Deadhead collects Dead shows...not even kidding. This is one DJ that I sincerely have the utmost respect for. He is Fuckin' sick! Out of all of the shows that are attainable, I think that 03/06/2000 Rosenmontag Rave is straight up pure energy!!! It reminds me of the Twilo show he did in December of 2000. Check SoulSeek for it...there is a 192 bit copy floating around.

Better sets of 2001: 4/30/2001...Mayday, 6/2/2001...Qlimax

2002: Must have 7/13/2002 Sensation (black edition), also 5/10/2002...Einslive Partyservice Extra.

There is a short set from 8/25/2002 that is very hot as well.

But if you like hard trance and classics like Lizard, Komodo and Pulsar...go for the 2001 Rosenmontag Rave set...shit is sick!!!:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

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