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Lesbian ?


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this is what it happening to me i never have sex with a girl but

i love watching girl on girl makin eacheother specially porno pics but iam very picky for example it has to be very hot girls kind of like porno start great bodies, big boobs etc... but if i see a girl in real life i dont fancy them so is strange just in some cases i get hot watching women and if iam nor hot maybe i will not make that big step "to slep with them" .. and now when im having sex i rather see lesbian action that the straight way so ???

so what is happening to meeeeeee im I strange ????

PS:i love man and having sex with them ...

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well the same thing happened to me... like 5 years ago i started lookin at some of these chics on tv like models and porn stars etc. and i would think "i would fuck with her" and les porns got me really really horny... yet i love my man(dick)... so i was confused cause like you, i wasnt attracted to the average girl outside... but one day i was in miami and there mere these models at a club and i was wit all my guy friends and they were digin them and they were great lookin so we went to them started talkin and we ended up in their hotel room i finally got wit a chic i ws attracted to in real life and it was kool but i still like dik more... it was a kool experience and if it comes around again ill go for it:D so yea u can say im bi but unfortunatlly there arent that many chics that meet my standards over here... all i can say is try it...

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until you fulfill your interests,your gonna wonder "what if" or " i wonder what it's like".. if your preference is to look at two women then, it's obviously a turn on!! not participating in a bi sexual or lesbian experience, you'll never know if you like it..

i used to feel the same exact way. then one time i took it a step forward. i experimented with a close friend. i liked it, doesn't mean you will. but, for me, i had to know!!! it's not something that i do all the time. maybe, twice a year.

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