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Wow. I have some big news. I got this thing in the mail from the Army today. It states..You have been placed on assignment to Germany with a tentative report date of 20 July 2003. I'm still in shock. I don't know what to think as of yet. How many of you would be happy?

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The more and more I think about it I dont wanna move. I've moved four times alreadfy in my Army career. I know traveling is a part of the job and it is kinda part of the reason why I joined. The thing is leaving people behind and starting over is hard. Well I have not had a problem with starting over but I dont really want to. I know I will have a blast. I might as well be happy cause there is nothing I can do. At least I dont think there is.

Anybody know any German? :tongue:

Is there a site I could go to?

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Paperwork and sitting on my ass Thursday n Friday. Basically, I do office work. Well, thats because of the department I'm in. I don't even do my job. Hopefully I can refresh my skills before I leave. I am a lab tech. My job consists of drawing blood and dealing with specimens. Running tests. Things like that. If I was in the lab I wouldn't have the luxury of posting here. :)

I'm a vampire. Haha!

:blown: oooohhhhhhh blood yummy :tongue:

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i can't deal with drawing blood. i just shivered readiong your post.

yeah i guess if i did more work i would have so many posts either. but i discovered last week that even if i am away from the computer for a month i still come back in full force. although i did decided yesterday that i am going to start taking my job seriously again, so we'll see where that goes....

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Originally posted by pluryou

I keep saying that every week but cant seem to do it. i sit here at the pc. Ahh I'm addicted. :tongue:

addiction is bad. what amazes me are the days where i feel really productive at work and yet still manage to post 50 times. :confused: and i try to recall how i spent time before cp and i can't remember. i must have been very innefficient.

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