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  1. What's going on w/ the DC Board?

    This board has changed a lot from when I used to post. Is runner still here?
  2. new here

    Welcome!! How long will you be in this area?
  3. Everybody have a great week.....

    Enjoy FL!! I wish I was going. Have a nice weekend peeps!
  4. Attn: ladies

    I think this is a great idea but should only be used as an alternative. Practice safe sex kiddies!!
  5. it's friday !!!!

    TGIF! Happy Holidays everyone.
  6. upcoming Buzz events

    Great lineups!! I should be there for Hybrid.
  7. RITM Rollcall!!

    I will be there!
  8. Happy Birthday Funkyfreshdc!!!

    Happy B-day!!! drink it up. hehe
  9. Humpity Hump..

    Happy hump day all!!
  10. I finally found a picture of that Larry guy!!!

    Thats ummm cool... I mean gross...... can that be real. lol
  11. Wow. That makes me feel old and I was born in 82.
  12. other than edm,

    A lil bit of everything really. Have not been keeping up with any new music as of late. Very funny Vic
  13. Sad Sad World...

    dumbass ppl
  14. Bullshit or no?

    ewwww corn
  15. misspelled/misused words at work

    Say nooooooooooo to waxing down there. It hurts. Had that done Friday and never again. lol