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  1. story of e

    Did anyone happen to read the article on the big drug bust this week? Apparently this drug ring was responsible for %15 of the ecstacy supply in the U.S. These guys were raking about 5 million a month. Great wad of change there.
  2. Come be a fool with DJ Aly Di Nas @ ANZU

    pffft. you pig!
  3. Come be a fool with DJ Aly Di Nas @ ANZU

    What is this " Di Nas" buisness? I really think it's cool that you used Eddie Izzard for your flyer.
  4. story of e

    I've always loved a great bedtime story
  5. Goodlove bar???

    hah, how convenient.
  6. The adventures of Freddy!

    To read about Dj Freddy Williams (Double 07), and his adventures go to www.washingtonpost.com/freddy!
  7. Everybody have a great week.....

    ...while I will be maxin' and relaxin' in sunny Meeyami for the WMC!!
  8. jackets...

    hey dg, you should czech out www.dsdesires.com phat jackets full of flavor that you love oh so much. word
  9. the oscars

    Didnt you guys just loved Billy Crystal's singing? I loved it so much, it made me want to take a hot bubble bath with the toaster during the commercial break. Well it was a toss up between that or combing my hair until I was pie bald. And you can't forget his jokes. Oh man, if only I had a hunting knife laying around, I wouldve held on to that while slapping my knees a couple of times. big time fun!
  10. bed head products???

    They are here and they can get the job done! wal mart carries em. Same consistancy, smells pretty damn close to the real thing, but the only difference is, it costs $10 less than the real thing! I er...forgot what it's called though. Let me get back to you guys on this....
  11. CUBIK - Upcoming Headliners

    I actually think that every other dj headlining in march is worth it besides Seb. I'm not into DnB like I used to be, but I can still point out a solid lineup when I see one. March is lookin good in terms of Dnb. you shouldnt cry so much lick'.
  12. Howells & Burridge . . .

    You've gotta be kidding me. Anyone who was there friday night and was actually listening could tell you that he wasn't even close to smooth. Addy, his Arc night definitely sounds like my kinda night. Housey tracks to start off the night. oui oui i say..
  13. fauxhawk haircut question

    the first time I saw that was on Nick Warren's global underground cd (amsterdam). But his was a mini fauxhawk. Then Paul Chokenfold tried to sport it. The only difference is, that 'do made his head look like the underside of a jet ski.
  14. bed head products???

    the 2nd day looks is when you're hair resembles the "bedroom hair look" but somewhat more appealing. I noticed that when i go to sleep and still have hair styling products in, my hair looks so much better the next day. This could be considered the 2nd day look.
  15. question for Glow crew

    Easy. Just listen for a good amount of time and you will like. it's not that hard. Now YOU try it. I speak goot engrish too!