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This may seem a little different from all the other posts but bear with me.

If someone asked you to play them ONE song so that they can hear what House music really was, what would you put on?

The same goes for Trance, Techno, and all the subgenres of these styles of electronic music....can you name one track that embodies each of them?

I can't. I was wondering if you could.

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Well...I know this isnt a direct answer but here goes...

I (as well as others) have my own Labels of house music. To me Trance would be something of the Johan Gielen (airscape) sort, techno = Frankie Bones type track. Now we get into personally labels, I consider Robbie Rivera's (crap) Dirty House...its just sounds like it should be called dirty house to me. DJ Scot project in my opnion is Hard Trance.

If someone asked me to play house music id probably play them Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally. Its way too hard to categorize things based under House Music (Including house music itself). Ill just make em a CD of all different Electronica Music.

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