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Originally posted by nycchic24

its been way too long. 5 whole days! :eek:

hahahah :laugh:

neways.. what did i miss?

btw VEGAS was great.. it ended up only being 16 girls...but we still managed to have a f'in great time! :shades:

Believe it or not, you've missed a lot! The Boston board has been blowing up lately... and new people seem to be popping up daily. There goes the neighborhood! ;)

I WANT SOME STORIES!! Did you guys gamble? Did you win? Did anyone get kicked out of a casino 'Leaving Las Vegas'-style? How many midgets did you see? Please tell me someone got naked in public... please tell me it wasn't johnstephens :D

Enquiring minds want to know! (And so do the inquiring ones!)

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yeah who tell hell are all these newbies?

i have to say that i dont think too much gambling wnet on... but jacuzzi's, limos and vip was definitely a recurring theme throughout the weekend :tongue::shades:

bc the fight was next door (mandalay baY) we did see Mike Tyson at Rain (the palms), Omar Epps (studio 54, MGM) and Keenan Ivoory Wayans (Drais, afterhours) but no midgets :(:laugh:

nobody got totally naked, BUT some of the girls did the limo flashing (can't post those pics)

I think i slept a total of 8 hours the 4 night we were there.

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