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Not another story...hehe


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Here is another one of my story. As usual it did happen. So, if your bored please read and tell me what you think. I know it needs some work but I'm not a damn author. LOL

True Love- Part 1- Face to Face

In mid 2001 this guy and girl met. Out of shear kindness a conversation struck up between them. Though talk was scarce he seemed to show a slight interest in this stranger. Shy as she was she did not know how to go about it. Mainly because she didn't date that much. Weeks passed by before they saw each other again. Then one day at work she saw him. He was now her course instructor. With as much as she tried to learn I don't think she learned that much. Instead they flirted with one another. Day after day they saw each other. She felt happy just being at work. Finally the relationship was brought outside the work environment.

They then started seeing each other. Whether it was movies or dinner they went out all the time. One car ride will remain in her mind forever. He spoke of his love to her by saying I love you. Shocked by what she had just heard she sat there in silence. Given the offer to take her time and think about it she did. As the moon showed its glowing face on the world she said good night and went to her room. On her bed she sat in disbelief as her mind realized that this is the first time she has ever felt love. So, the next day as she laid by his side she gave the answer to the question from the night before. That answer was I love you to. Both of them seemed so happy after that. Just the thought of the other person would bring a smile to her face.

One dreadful day she learned she had to move. As she held the papers in her trembling hands a tear fell from her eye. One after another they fell. With the morning so dark others couldn't tell the sad expression on her face. They were actually happy for her that she got to go to "Wolly World." That was the one place she didn't want to go to ever since phase one. She was actually at her first pick assignment right there.

Content that she was enjoying life there she tried to stay but with no prevail. It was inevitable that she must go. Days grew shorter and shorter and the nights colder and colder. Soon the time came to say goodbye. One miserable early morning she kissed the lips she would kiss only a few times more. As she watched her love fade off in the distance, as he walked to work, she saw the shadow of doom. It was the shadow of her friends car pulling up to take her to the airport.

Everything with the flight went fine. She arrived in the new area which now presides as her home. When she got the chance she called her love to tell him she had made it in alright. From then on it was phone calls and e-mails to the one she loves. She was still very happy to hear his voice or to look at his picture. Finally, Christmas rolled around. They decided it would be nice if they could see each other. It was arranged that she went and saw him for a couple of days.

Those couple of days were just as nice as the past couple of months she just endured. Of course days end and she had to leave. One saying that hurt her was her love saying "you keep leaving me". Whether he meant it or not it was out of her control. More and more phone calls and e-mails were exchanged. Then in February it had been about two months since their last encounter and she grew weary for his touch. She again asked to see him. This time she got a shocking surprise.

Her love was hesitant with his reply. She felt a lump in her throat as she tried not to cry. Once again tears fell like they did many times before out of just missing that one special person. He suggested that they break up, little did I mention that before she left the first time, he asked her to marry him. Whether or not it was to soon, which obviously it was, she was perfectly happy with saying yes. They did however be a little bit wise about the situation and thought it would be best if they could at least live together before they took that big step forward.

Both of their opinions on the relationship were on different ends of the spectrum. There was still only one thing they had in common. That was the thing that brought them together in the first place. Love. They still to this day always say that no matter what they would still say I love you. Even if its just as friends. Long distance played a huge factor in this break up. Being away from each other was not easy for either one of them. He said he needed her there with him. It was true that before she moved they spent just about every last second with each other. Whether he had more reasons behind the break up she still does not know. She only hopes she had done everything she could of for him and that he takes the time out to realize it.

She did not agree with the whole breaking up and seeing how they went on down the road. In her mind she would marry him right then and there. That next morning after the phone call that caused a 360 degree turn around in the now not to be relationship she had the worst pain in her stomach. She had never felt pain like that before. It hurt so bad she just stood there and cried. Maybe she was just wondering why this had to happen. Whatever it was it wouldn't go away easily. She figured it was the pain of a broken heart.

Considering the phone conversation the night before they finally decided to see each other as a couple one last time. Til this day she has not seen him since. So, once again she made the journey to visit him. As usual she felt nothing but happiness on this trip. One thing was wrong though. She might have appeared a bit distant as she realized that in a couple of days they would only be friends. Time grew closer to their last kiss.

On an emotional car ride he took her to the airport. While they laid there cuddling in his car they said I love you for one of the last times face to face. As she looked at her watch and said I have to go or I'll miss my flight he asked her to stay a while longer. So, she of course did. She sat there rubbing his head as he secretly cried in her lap. Once again she uttered the same words as of a few minutes ago. This time she couldn't stay any longer. So, they got out and headed toward the airport.

As they walked nearer to the ticket line their hands intertwined one another's. At last their final goodbye had come. They kissed and said I love you while holding each other tight. So, tight they could of melted into one being. Letting go was the hardest part for her but it had to be done. They both let go and strolled away never to see each other again to this day. This long goodbye had almost caused her to miss her flight. As she ran for the gate she knew every last minute she spent with him was well worth it. When she arrived home she had called him like he had asked her once before. They spoke for the first time in a long time as friends but still that one phrase was said. I love you.

Beware there is a part two just in case you forgot.

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ummmm.... I hate to say it but it might be awhile. I would say maybe tomorrow. I dunno. :( I want this story to be perfect. I'm not sure there is a point to it except the fact that it is just how I've felt about his whole relationship I had.

I will try and hurry but before I send this to him I would have probably made some changes. :tongue:

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True Love- Part 2- So Distant

E-mails slowly replaced the amount of phone calls that were made. Contact between the two grew less. Occasional phone calls were made here and there. One phone conversation resulted in her not wanting to ever really call him again out of fear he may not want to answer. He basically said well I have a girlfriend so don't call me. That shattered her inside. To be honest that is the stupidest, most mean thing a "friend" could do. Also he wanted her to get a boy friend. Dating someone else was far from her mind.

After that was said she couldn't really get the nerve up to even e-mail him. Not wanting to fall out of contact e-mails were sent on her behalf. Computer talk between the two grew less. She tried hard to forget about him. It seemed the harder she tried the more sad she felt. At times she felt depressed. Thinking about looking down on the world only made her realize how much she loves living. Memorable items between the two slowly began to fade. Empty spaces over took her wall as she watched the little ripped pieces of photos fall into the trash.

Every e-mail she received from him put butterflies in her stomach. Reading them felt relieving. Answering her phone one day she heard a song on the other end. To her disbelief it was a song used to put her to sleep while he laid by her side. A voice came over the phone disguised it mumbled if you know who this is call back in one minute. Like times before wet streams trailed down her face. Returning the call she talked to him for the first time in a long time. He said he missed her and wanted to see her. I love you was the last words spoken before they hung up.

Confusion filled her mind as she got mixed feelings. Problem was he did not know when he could come up there. More weeks passed and he couldn't come. Soon the weeks turned into months. Finally, she got up enough nerve to ask him if they could ever be together again. He answered realistically not anytime soon. What does that mean? Why not a straight up no or yes? Weeks passed and she barely heard from him. Eventually she began to date someone. To her surprise he had seemed to be e-mailing and even calling her now. What timing. Right when she started to date someone.

She told him about her boyfriend. He seemed to be a bit jealous because he asked a lot of questions and said no one deserves you. This angered her because he had all the time in the world to ask her back out. Obviously she will be true to her current boyfriend who she cares about. Sometimes she finds herself wishing she was with him though. It is pretty bad. How much of a hold can one person have over another? How does one get over it? Now, to conclude this long drawn out story she has to move again. This time its way far away and is for a good two to three years. What will happen with either of these two guys is yet to be seen.


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