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Ok here is part 2 :)


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I goofed up and put it on seperate threads.

Please look there. I wish I had the powers to delete a thread. :)

Its done a little sooner than I thought but it will do.

True Love- Part 2- So Distant

E-mails slowly replaced the amount of phone calls that were made. Contact between the two grew less. Occasional phone calls were made here and there. One phone conversation resulted in her not wanting to ever really call him again out of fear he may not want to answer. He basically said well I have a girlfriend so don't call me. That shattered her inside. To be honest that is the stupidest, most mean thing a "friend" could do. Also he wanted her to get a boy friend. Dating someone else was far from her mind.

After that was said she couldn't really get the nerve up to even e-mail him. Not wanting to fall out of contact e-mails were sent on her behalf. Computer talk between the two grew less. She tried hard to forget about him. It seemed the harder she tried the more sad she felt. At times she felt depressed. Thinking about looking down on the world only made her realize how much she loves living. Memorable items between the two slowly began to fade. Empty spaces over took her wall as she watched the little ripped pieces of photos fall into the trash.

Every e-mail she received from him put butterflies in her stomach. Reading them felt relieving. Answering her phone one day she heard a song on the other end. To her disbelief it was a song used to put her to sleep while he laid by her side. A voice came over the phone disguised it mumbled if you know who this is call back in one minute. Like times before wet streams trailed down her face. Returning the call she talked to him for the first time in a long time. He said he missed her and wanted to see her. I love you was the last words spoken before they hung up.

Confusion filled her mind as she got mixed feelings. Problem was he did not know when he could come up there. More weeks passed and he couldn't come. Soon the weeks turned into months. Finally, she got up enough nerve to ask him if they could ever be together again. He answered realistically not anytime soon. What does that mean? Why not a straight up no or yes? Weeks passed and she barely heard from him. Eventually she began to date someone. To her surprise he had seemed to be e-mailing and even calling her now. What timing. Right when she started to date someone.

She told him about her boyfriend. He seemed to be a bit jealous because he asked a lot of questions and said no one deserves you. This angered her because he had all the time in the world to ask her back out. Obviously she will be true to her current boyfriend who she cares about. Sometimes she finds herself wishing she was with him though. It is pretty bad. How much of a hold can one person have over another? How does one get over it? Now, to conclude this long drawn out story she has to move again. This time its way far away and is for a good two to three years. What will happen with either of these two guys is yet to be seen.

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