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Its not my fault

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I recieved this e-mail from a kinda friend from Buzz. I say kinda cause we only hung out a couple of times at the club.

Please don't email me telling me how sad you are that Buzz is

>closing. You are part of the military and you were banned from

>going but continued...This is why Buzz is shutting down. Military

>personnel didn't want to stop partying at Buzz when they were told

>not to, so the govt continued to investigate. So I'd like to thank

>you and any other military people who could not grow up and be

>responsible and just not go to Buzz. It is now ruined for the rest

>of us. I never went to Buzz because it was the place to get fucked

>up. I went because it had great music that I could dance and unwind

>too. Me and about 10,000 other people. Now where are we supposed

>to go?


Here was my response

I have not been to Buzz since they band military. This was only about 3 weeks ago and I have not been since. I was however gonna go because it is my bf b-day. Ok it was wrong of me but I was gonna stop going as much. Please don't be mad at me. I also go for the music and friends as you do. I don't go to get f'd up. Thats the reason they shut it down. If people were sobber it would all be fine. :) Go to Stereo on Sat. at The Edge. All Buzz people are going there.

What are your thoughts on it? I feel hurt she sent this.

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I think a good number of people may have had an initial reaction like this, and we could debate all day as to the validity of the accusation -- but I think in the end there were a lot of factors that went into the decision. Some we probably will never know about. So don't worry too much, your friend is just angry and upset like we all are and this is most likely just her knee-jerk reaction. Hopefully as we all find out more about the situation some calm will arise and we can get back to keeping our community afloat.

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It is your fault! j/k LOL I do not think the finger can be pointed at anyone...well maybe it can be pointed at...nevermind.

I truly think we will never know the true reason. We can only assume it was the drugs because of all of the bad publicity lately.

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