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Weapons grade uranium seized

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could this be evidence hussein is developing nukes??

Turkish police seize smuggled uranium


The uranium is now displayed at police headquarters

By Tabitha Morgan


Turkish police say they have seized more than 15 kilograms (34.5 pounds) of weapons grade uranium, which had been smuggled into the country from Eastern Europe.

Two men have been arrested for questioning in the south of the country, close to the Syrian border.

According to the Turkish state news agency, the uranium was being transported in a taxi, concealed in a lead container beneath the seats.

The taxi was intercepted near the south-west town of Sanliurfa, after police received a tip-off.

Smuggling route

It is not yet clear where the uranium, estimated to be worth $5m on the black market, was being taken, but it is unlikely there would have been a market for it within Turkey.

The Turkish media have been speculating that the alleged smugglers, both Turks, may have planned to take the weapons grade material through Syria and on into Iraq.

The seizure is the biggest of its kind in recent years.

Since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, Turkey has been a transit route for smuggled nuclear materials, many of which have found their way onto the black market in Istanbul.

Last year two men were arrested in the city after trying to sell a kilo of uranium wrapped in newspaper to undercover police agents.

While the Turkish authorities will welcome this latest seizure, they will be uneasy about the international focus on Turkey as a smuggling route for such dangerous materials.

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