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I was dating this girl and all was well for a couple of months. She suddenly invited me to Florida for several days. I explained to her that I could not afford it and didn't think it was possible. She comes out and flat out tells me not to worry. Sure enough, I end up going and had a blast. Now, we're no longer together. I don't know if she's bitter about the situation, but she's charging me for the trip and stating that she needs the money. I'm like, what a minute......didn't you invite me? Secondly, it wasn't even my idea and last, I told her I didn't have the funds at the time and she was like no biggie. I've decided to just fucking pay the bitch and get it over with. It's not the money, it's the principle smokey!! What do ya think?

ps. be careful when you date someone and it's good to them. That might be a problem that just won't go away when things don't work out.

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