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recommendations for record stores/websites for vinyl?

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howdy. i'm dj-ing as a small time hobby in my bedroom and am just starting out. any recommendations for record stores (NYC) or websites (anywhere) with good selection/prices?

i'm looking for anything from trance to house to techno. even disco-funky-house. or even older tracks, e.g. Aly-us "Follow Me", Laid Back "White Horse".

much appreciated. (and if anyone's looking for ortofon concorde nightclub elliptical cartridges, i found a good deal @ djmart.com for $119 w/ extra stylus)

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Satellite Records http://www.satelliterecords.com/

259 Bowery

Tel. (212) 780-9305

Eight Ball http://eightballshop.com/8ball/index.asp

105 East 9th Street

Tel. (212) 473-6343

Dance Tracks http://www.dancetracks.com/

91 East 3rd Street

Tel. (212) 260-8729

Sonic Groove http://www.sonicgroove.com/

41 Carmine St

Tel. (212) 675-5284

Vinylmania http://www.vinylmania.com/

60 Carmine Street

Tel. (212) 924-7223


East 6th St btw 2nd and 3rd

Tel. (212) 691-1013

Disc-O-Rama http://www.discorama.com/

186 West 4th Street

Tel. (212) 206-8417

Octave On High

228 West 18th Street

Tel. (212) 462-4038

Temple Records http://www.temple-records.com/

241 Lafayette Street

Tel. (212) 334-3595

Throb http://www.throb.com/

211 East 14th Street

Tel. (212) 533-2328


445 East 9th Street

Tel. (212) 505-3025

Rock & Soul http://www.rockandsoul.com/

4707 Seventh Avenue

Tel. (212) 695-3953

New Jersey


Mondo Music

225 Highland Cross Road

Rutherford, NJ 07070

Tel. (201) 804-8707


Planet Groove

307 Jefferson St.

Newark, NJ 07105



35 Broad Street

Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Tel. (908) 353-6271

Jerzewerx Records

308 Main Street

Boonton, NJ 07005

Tel. (973) 331-1600

Westchester Rockland Area.



346 WEST RT. 59



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i agree, mondo has a a really good selection, and are very UP-to-date...

Tuesdays and Fridays are the days to go, cause they get shipments on those days

also they have a really good staff (well RIch [think that's his name] the skinny guy) is mad cool!

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