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I had a reall wierd dream last night anyone wanan try to take a crack on its meaning...? here goes!

have u ever been to long island jewish hospital? okay well i was there and there were a lot of people from my old school and other people and everyone was walking in formal outfits like black and white dresses and guys in tux's but i was in jeans and a black t-shirt but i had a white suit jacket i wasnt wearing it i was carrying it and i saw this girl, that i liked from high school who i still kinda like and she was in a dress and she run over to me and says how come ur always so dirty and she pointed to my jacket and the jacket had a deep red stain on it and she says it doesnt matter and she grabs me by the hand and leads me into the building but now we are inside of my old high school even though outside was the hospital and we go up some stairs and everyone i recognized from my school is talking to themselves as in each one of them has a twin and they are talking to them me and the girl sit down and she says why wont u tell me anything about urself why do u always have to be so closed off and i couldnt speak i just looked at her and she got up to leave but i grabbed her handand she stayed and she just looked at meand i was looking at everyone talking to their twin and then she kissed me but i didnt like it it wasnt what i expected it wasnt the way i wanted her to kiss me and then i woke up.

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