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Paul Johnson - FREE!!!! @ Mondays - Chicago, IL

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The next two weeks are going to be some of the greatest yet....

With the place being remodeled in the next couple of weeks.

DJ Booth, Dance Floor, New Bars and much more!!

Monday October 21st - 10/21/02

Paul Johnson - House - Dust Traxx - Chicago, IL

Born and raised in the birthplace of House Music,

Paul Johnson who has over forty 12†releases

(on Dust Traxx, Undaground Therapy,

Cajual/Relief, Dance Mania, Riveria, Full House, Confidential, IHR,

Peacefrog, and Djax) and six full-length albums (on Nite Life Collective,

Relief, Moody, Peacefrog, and ACV),

Paul is known world wide for setting and resetting the direction of House

Music time and time again. “Playing With a Rubber Bandâ€, “Just

Whistleâ€, “Burnin’ for Your Yearnin’â€, and of course, “Get, Get Downâ€

(which, by the way, came out on Moody, Defected, Fuel, Legato, and Rise),

have all become part of our hearts, our minds, and our souls.

Paul promises to once again take us on a Chicago House wild ride as only he can.

I.P.X. - Filtered House - TreeHouse Collective - Chicago, IL

I.P.X. has toured around the Mid-West, West Coast, and parts of Canada.

And for good reason! Come out see this man thrown down a tight Filtered House set!

Sushi - 2-step - Brut Force - Chicago, IL


2$ Rail and BudLight Drafts

2345 W. Belmont





Monday October 28th - 10/28/02

Paul Anthony - Disco House - Underground Construction - Chicago, IL

Known for his flawless blends, inspiring trickery, and excellent track selection,

Paul can definitely rock any crowd. Paul has definitely become a

rave hero in the midwest.

Playing from coast to coast,

Paul has played alongside many acclaimed

dj's, and was also premiered alongside Carl Cox, Doc Martin, and Gene Farris in the DVD version of the major motion picture

PITCH BLACK. A house set definitely not to miss.

Acid Man - House - Bunch Lox - Chicago, IL

Regular releases on Bunch Lox and many other lables.

Acid Man will show you how House music is done!

Raymond Baer - Nu School Breaks - BMC - Chicago, IL


2$ Rail and BudLight Drafts

2345 W. Belmont




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