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Installing A Rane Mp 24 Mixer

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I am goin to install a rane mp 24 mixer which I just purchased... on my home set up...

I was wondering if anyone... can tell me if their is a specific kind of way to set this mixer up... or is it the same as all the rest? Is there anythig I should keep in mind when installing this ?

let me know...

btw what kind of wires do I need to connect my main output line to my EFX 500 (which form there goes to my main speakers)I know it is not your standard rca cables. and which out pust should I use for my main out put? zone/booth/or the main output (my guess would be the main output..)

I just do not want to blow this bad boy up LOL


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Use the booth as the line to go into your speakers!

The MP24 has an effects loop so you take the out on the loop and put it into the in of the EFX 500 and take the out of the EFX 500 and put that into the in of the loop.

So there is no need to hook the 500 up to the amp.

Rane Makes life easy!

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aight here is the what I did...

I put the wires that go to my amp (which go to my speakers... of course) in the ZONE ouput (and your right I did use 1/4 wires)...

the reason I am using my ZONE OUTPUT as my master output is cuz it just fits better in my coffin ( the real MASTER OUTPUT holes are too low and then the mixer does not sit right)

yes the MP 24 has the loop feature....

I have not hooked up my pioneer efx to the mixer yet cuz I ran out of 1/4 wires... but I will do what you suggested about hooking up the efx 500 to the loop in/out of the mixer...

the other thing I did was have the tape out going to my computer (which I obviously use to recod my mixes)...

tomorrow... I will buy another 1/4 wire...and hook up my efx 500...

I also recently purchase the C-LOOPS by redsound...

I havent looked at the instructions... yet but I imagine this lil' device shouldnt be a problem to hook up...

thanks again bro...

btw... I always noticed (on other system and not just mine) that ona 4 channel mixer... the output of CD's are louder than the OUTPUT of Vinyls... is there anyway to control this? just wondering... thats all...

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a few more questions:

when Install the OUTPUT of the efx to the INPUT of the LOOP feature on the mixer and vicer versa... which one on the mixer should I use? ther is the Main effect Loop and the switchable loop...

my guess would be the main effects loop...

also I noticed two buttons on the back of the mixer...

one is EQ RANGE with the option if it being +/- 8db (not pressed) and +/-4db (pressed)... what should I have it on?

I should keep the efx set to -10db after I hook it up to the "loop"

in's and out's

the 2nd button is the SYSTEM MONO button??? keep it pressed or not?

ask u can see I have a lot to learn about this mixer...

thanks... again...


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