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can i entertain you guys today??

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hey all, Its monday again....and time for some smoking radio!

the chat room( java chat) has been a blaze weekly with, get this, actual intelligent debate about the scene!!


so, after looking at boards everywhere, and talking to all kinds o people...the thing on everyines mind right now:

Promoters & all the drama surrounding all the new afterhours, mainly in NY, MA, RI & NH

as usual the chat room debate will have the backdrop ofSERIOUSLY TWIZTED!

some of the funkiest twizted beatz known to man!


see you today @ 2pm-6pm est on www.muziklab.com

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We'll here we go its monday again....

last weeks show, the people in the chat room thought this would be a good topic to tackle this week.

maybe not so much "vs" ..... but with the scene where it is, club kids & Party kids are often found in the same venues.

something we would not have seen a few years back.

you talk to a party kid and they want the scene to remain underground, and they dont want no slick haired deisel people bringing the whole world to there nights....

while dj irene plays Avalon and I hear nothing but guff about all the candy kids & pacifier suckers there that were there that week...

so? go figure...its basically the same music right?


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