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:dj: :dj: HELLOO Tiesto was off the HIZZHOOK!!! This was an amazing show My friends and I drove from Cincinnati Ohio for this night and it lived wayyy past our expectations. The club was amazing everyone was so chill and Tiesto rocked so thanks to Spundae,Vision Night Club, and all the peeps out there that know how to rock Chi town

If anyone was there please comment Thankx and we will soo be back


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I agree. That has to be one of the best nights, of course next to PVD. The place was slammin, everyone was cheering, Tiesto threw down a trancy but hard set and he looked like he was having a great time and knew how to get the crowd going. I especially loved when everyone was chanting TIESTO! TIESTO! TIESTO! when his set ended, then he went on for an encore and when he ended that the chanting began again....AMAZING!

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Originally posted by lolahotass

Tiesto kicked ass the down here in Miami.... i heard he rocked it out at Crobar Chicago too..

PvD sucked down here.... I can't decide if I will go and see him again:confused:


Actually Lola, Tiesto spun at Vision which is 10 times better than Crobar, he brought energy and great music to the venue.

PVD was good when he was here, actually it was by far the best night yet, but I can understand where you are coming from.

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