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anyone see the "halloween in dc" "daily show" episode?

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i'm a big fan of comedy central's "the daily show"; it never fails to make me laugh, every episode.

for those who aren't familiar with the show, it's a news-style program, hosted by jon stewart. it's mostly political satire and commentary, and the last part of the show is either a political or an entertainment guest interview.

this week the show is being taped in d.c. in preparation for tuesday's election and all of the "correspondents" are doing all sorts of silly d.c.-related things.

tonight, correspondent ed helms dressed up as a pirate (complete with fake parrot glued on his shoulder :laugh2: ) and went trick-or-treating at embassies with a plastic jack-o-lantern bucket. just about everyone who answered the embassy doors looked confused to the point of being freaked out and closed their doors on him. but he did gain entry into a couple of the embassies, including armenia and kenya. he got an armenian official to wear a rainbow afro wig and listen to "monster mash" and he got the kenyan guy to wear a leprechaun hat and say, "top o' the mornin' to ya," after much dialect coaching :laugh: .

the segment ended with helms complaining that, once again, mexico was giving out circus peanuts this year AMIGOS.GIF:laugh::D .

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