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It depends on what crowd/atmosphere/music you are looking for.


VENU is huge! DJ Nailz packs the place spinning NYC style progressive.

HUSH draws a smaller crowd but is home to Chris Desimone spinning a harder house style with a little trance thrown in.

AXIS draws big names on Thursday. Dave Ralph will be there this week! This crowd is a litte on the casual/raver style side.

AVALON is home to the Euro crowd on Thursday. DJ Manolo is in the driver's seat...he is one of Boston's finest!


AVALON hostes some of the bigest names in music. BUT the line is a bitch and its mega packed!

ROXY is home to the Euro crowd and plays international style trance and house.

VISION on RT 1 has a night called VIBE with DJ Nailz and friends.

EXCHANGE is fun if you go with friends but its not a great set up so its hard to move around.

VERTIGO/ARIA ...I have heard these are good places to go on Friday but I have not been yet.


ROXY hosts the E.K.G. party! Its sold out by 11 everyweek. Not the place to go if you looking for the best music but if you identify with the crowd you will definately catch a vibe.

AVALON is home to DJ Manolo on Saturday. He spins a mix of NYC and trance. The music is hot~the crowd is hot~definately a good vibe with more room to dance and play. Always a good show in this house.

AXIS hostes the euro-escape crowd. The music and dance are harder with DJ Tim Ryan spinning a more alternative style.

Hopefully that gives you an idea. I tried to be as unbiasd as possible but I'm sure someone will rip on me either way. No opinion is safe on a message board... rolleyes.gif

I dont hit Thursday's much, Friday I go everywhere but Saturday I do the Roxy most of the time; that was the first club I went to so I got taken under wing. Sometimes I go to Avalon on Saturday because the music is so much better (newer, varies from week to week) and its packed but you can still move around.

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Geeze H I'm impressed!! smile.gif You sound like me..

Aria is very Euro...which means not a lot of dancing. Raffi is a great Eurohouse DJ..

Fridays are also good at Pravda- good mainstream NY house...real nice crowd & strong drinks. I always have a good time there!

You should go to Sound Factory Music in Brighton. It is owned & operated by various DJ's around the city..they can hook you up w/ <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guestlists</A> & you can listen to CD's before you buy them...so if you here a CD that you like you can ask them which club plays that type of music.

There # is 617-254-9040; call them if you need directions!!

Hope this helps!!




"Close your eyes & dance like no one is watching"

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