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The future od dance

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I see the future of dance evolving into a sport (Olympic/International)with competitors/athletes /dj's and MC's "battling" it out aganist each other to music picked by themselves. ie. house vs. trance and/or the accompiant with a dj/mc. Thus creating a competition among three types of talent. 1. Dancer 2. DJ 3.MC. This sport could eventually be played with other players in a team setting that incorporates all aspects of the music being heard. ie. Dancer1 preforms to only the "vocal" part. Dancer2 preforms to the "bass" and Dancer3 can dance to the "highs/treble". Other dancers can be added to "follow" the live mc/dj's vocals and/or mixing/scratching. Imagine this as a "live human equalizer" being played to people to watch, listen, and learn dance moves to different "sounds" of the song being played. This would be the easiest way to learn because progress is made by incorporating dance moves from ALL of the insturments being heard. [vocals can be added whenever one wishes].

Imagine having a portable mp3 player with a LCD screen that lets you can download video files to play "actual dance videos" to your favourite songs. Watching, Listening, AND Learning to any music on the either the bus, in the car or on a mountain top! Just to celebrate your conquring of Mount Everst! lol

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