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Whats up Boston

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How you fuckers doing ?

I'm still not over your Eagles beating my Fighting Irish

I heard you guys might get the Rocket back.

That was a big win for your Pats last week

Your hockey team is looking good

I was a big fan of the house of pain

If you guys are going out tonight have fun.

How are my 2 Boston Girlies doing (Snatch and whadupg)

Did any of you guys check out PVD last week ?

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This board has been dead, no more phat lyrics being dropped since I won the "Bling Mic" in our lyrical showdown...

Pats looked good, but im not gettin my hopes up...

I don't want the Rocket back, you can keep him...

Celtics killed the Bulls, and beat the Lakers, minus Fox and Shaq of course, but we swept them last year too...

Your Latrell Sprewell is a f'n punk who likes punching people on boats, stranglin coaches, but is a key player on the struggling knicks..

I actually have house of pain in my car CD player right now, still love their first CD..

I like Howard Stern and reading the paper while I shit.

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