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Checking in from sunny California...

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Except it's the wettest day they've seen in 6 months and it is storming like crazy! Crank got drenched carrying all my bags in to my new apartment. :D

Here are some highlights from our crazy cross-country trip:

Graceland: Da' Bomb. I wasn't expecting much - but had a total blast! We're talking green shag carpet on the floors, ceilings AND walls! Miracles happen there every day (according to D:Fuse) - and indeed, Crank's cold was cured in Elvis' presence!

Oklahoma and Arkansas: Rainy, ugly and full of scary rednecks and roadkill.

Painted Desert in New Mexico: We took this detour on impulse and it was well worth it. Breathtaking landscape - I can't even describe - endless miles of red plateaus.

The meteor crater: Ed dragged me out to see this attraction and for a mere $12 each, we got to look at a big hole in the Earth! Rah. Seriously - it was cool - but they raped you on the entrance fee.

The Grand Canyon - What can I say? It is so vast and so beautiful - it literally brought tears to my eyes. We hiked along the rim, the weather was beautiful and we got to eat giant steaks at Yippee-ki-ae restaurant. I still can't poo.

Finally, we stopped at Joshua Tree National Park for another amazing vista. The trees looked eery and almost evil to me. Kuro would have loved it. We saw skull rock and some crazy foliage.

Today we arrived in SF after braving LA traffic and Californians who don't remember how to drive in the rain.

It's good to be here - but I miss you! Crank says hi. I'll let him out of his chains to post later.

*smooooch* Ruth

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Did you eat chinese food yet??? Eat some spicy stuff - that'll clear that poo situation right up!!!! :D:D:D

Glad to hear y'all had a good trip and you enjoyed the states.... but leave the rednecks alone!!! They're people too they have feelings...... I mean come on :tongue:

Does this mean you have email now??

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Originally posted by shadygroovedc

Let's play "Find the Freudian Slip". Read Vic's comment very carefully. :laugh:

I was out in SF last week Ruth! It was a blast. I'm so jealous.

went to sleep at 4:30 am, woke up an hr ago and i have to do an interview in an hour, took 6 ripped fuel to wake me, but i still make no sense

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