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anyone check out dave seamen at axis last night?

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It was a good night, not great, but not bad.

Dave Seaman was not on top form, but he had his moments.

He started out REALLY STONG, with some hard, banging Progressive Tracks (Beat of a Drum, Pushing Too Hard etc) for the first 45 minutes of so and then, BAM, he switched gears and went right into some deep, melodic Trance….strange transition….anyway.

His mixing was spotty at best and he messed up at least ¼ of his mixes. Nothing too major, but the beats were off and he didn’t catch it right away, it took him a while to get them back on.

The best thing I can say about him is he played some UNREAL tracks. This lovely Trance track that was a remake of “Love Song” by The Cure……a very cool remix of Dooms Night by Azzido da Bass and his encore track, THE UNREAL, Touch Me by Rui Da Silva.

At the very end of the night, he shut it down and you can hear the music from Avalon through the walls…..Guess what song was playing? Kernkraft…..lmao.

Overall, I am sure Dave Seaman could have done much better…..but he put together a very QUALITY set of music…and that is why I went to hear him in the first place.

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I saw him at avalon a month or two ago and i saw him last thursday. He definitely played that lovesong track @ avalon and the kernkraft one too. What is the name of that lovesong track? i like the chick's voice in it.

anyways, i enjoyed his show on both occasions and would definitely see him again. I was stone sober too while seeing him at axis and i had a blast. He walked by me to go to the bathroom and i had a chance to go in after him and ask him what that lovesong track was but i froze and gave him his privacy instead.


"Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life."

-ancient Chinese fortune cookie

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