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Djdanfury Is Gay

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Originally posted by kostaP

Why did you bother clicking on this....YOU DIDNT KNOW?? Dont gimme that bullshit and act all suprised.:laugh:

Kosta, you seriously need new material. It was funny for the first 2348290342903482904 times, but now Your ex wife is starting to get pissed everytime I bukake her. Seriously, get some new jokes then we'll talk.

And do me a favor, tell Diane to stop asking for my cell number. There is no way I would follow in your footsteps... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Originally posted by tempkid

Kosta your out of the loop

Dan was last week

This week is XXXsplashXXX

Then this friday me and you will go over who is next week.

Splash is a good canidate for this week. Who are the contenders next week?

I say the next victim is Badass ...:hat:

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