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so i actually might be going to deko this weekend.. can't make any guarentees since its only wed.. but i want to meet up if i do.. let me know whos going and stuff.. also can i wear jeans.. if i am dressed up?

mystify.. did i miss the bachelor where he picked his girl? i see the commercial with all of them.. but i can't remember if i missed last week... help!


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dani -- i missed last weeks bachelor too!!!! but i got an update from my mom -- he got rid of gwen!!! i cannot believe it, all he said about her was how she would be the perfect wife! it's not even on tonight - it's going to be all the rejects talking about who they think he's going to pick between helene and brooke.

next topic!

i wasn't planning on coming home this weekend, but i am THINKING about it and might go to deko! i'm not sure about jeans, ask dknybabe, she goes a lot (i've never been there)

luvle - ohh now you've also got me thinking about rs on friday!!!! i love that place........ not sure if i'll be there, but i'm sure ms. dknybabe will

although i should really stop talking for her... :tongue:

hmm i have some serious thinking to do........ :confused:

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Dani, you can wear jeans as long as they are neat lookin:D

Im so happy you are coming!!!! I'll PM you before Saturday so we can have a meetup:tongue:

Luvle2 - Ill be at RS too, so Ill PM you so we can all ahve a meetup, sound good?

Mystify IS NOT BREAKING UP with me...because i will kick her little pootytang:rolleyes:

AND if she doesnt come homethis weekend she owes me EXTRA oarty time on my bday...I just called your cell but it was off my chica, I wantt o tell you about my new do.:cool:

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Dani -- LOL I would never break up with my dknybabe -- I've been best friends w/her since 5th grade!!!! I just felt bad answering for her!!!!! :D We gotta talk after the bachelor special thing is on!

Chica -- If you can, call me because I am like SOOOO over my minutes. I want to hear about your new 'do!!!

SHIT I want to go to DEKO and RS -- What's a girl to do?!?!?!?

Option A: Go home and have FUN w/DKNYBABE and the rest of the cp crew

Option B: Stay at school and go to some LAME bar and listen to LAME ASS music


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Chica - I have a lot to catch you up on, but I feel like it's too late to call the house. So either you call me tomorrow, or I will call you at work... ok?! :D

I'm still thinking about this weekend..........

Anyways, I gotta go and start this paper due at 12:30 tomorrow - GOTTA LOVE PROCRASTINATION!!!!! :aright:

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