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Can anyone describe the feeling they get...


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I try to be a better person then I normally am.

I keep an open mind.

and try to take things slow.

sometimes im overly cautious..not out of fear...but of just overall bad history with relationships.

I try to learn, to teach..to share myself a little bit at a time.


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Originally posted by heretic909

i wonder if she's gonna fuck with my head and screw me over like the rest of 'em

That's funny that you mention this, because when i was getting involved in my 1st relationship, i took everything in stride. I was very naive, and thought everything would work out.

Now i've learned that you have to protect yourself, and only give as much as you receive. Like, if you drive out to see the person 5X, and they only do it once, there's something wrong there :nono:

So i'd have to say that I also play it carefully. But not too ]/i] carefully so they think im uninterested.....Just in the way that i won't be going out of my way if they aren't ;)

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Originally posted by sassa

...when they're dating someone for the first time, about to go down that path towards a relationship...

what goes through your heart/mind/stomach/soul.....?

there's def. not just one feeling...

First, I get butterflies in my stomach, and out of fear...I pull away in the beginning stages.

After this person proves that they're genuine, then slowly but surely the excitement of getting to know each other unravels....

...at some point, the metamorphosis from like to love changes perspectives...and it's all uphill from there...you can only hope the excitement of getting to know each other never completely unravels...

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i get butterflies... nervousness whenever hes around or whenever i think of him.... uncontrollable smiles and giggles... of course i sit and question how i feel and what i really want... but sometimes that feeling of being like a lil kid in a candy store takes over and i end up spending more and more time with this person, eventually being able to completely be myself and not worry what he thinks of me... and after a while all that nervous energy turns to just plain excitement of seein that person... being close to them and kissing them etc... then love sets in. and that feeling cannot even be described in words. :heart:

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I love the feeling of getting to know people. My best friend right now is just starting to date someone new and I miss it. Its fun because they don't know anything about you, so you can suprise them with all the things your good at and impress them with stupid stuff thats old news to others. Plus, I like hearing peoples stories about themselves and all, it amazes me how many people are out there all with different problems and issues. It may be a problem for me because so far I lost interest in like all my girlfriends after like 2 months.

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