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HELP...I'm going deaf

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so I threw a set a couple of hours ago and part of it went

something like and with out the samples

mother's pride - learning to fly (original mix)

soundtronic - we can fly (tribal sphere action mix)

in dreams - where is the light (space runner mix)

cj stone - into the sea (original mix)

oceanlab - clear blue water (original and above and beyond progressive mix)

I was pretty happy with the end result but I'd like to expand on the two concepts of flying then going underwater

so if anybody knows about any tunes that would fit in...

(lyrics wise...thanks)

PS and since I know half of you are little bitch ass haters...shit...its not like I need help from your wack asses (you know since I've been able to spin rings around the whole lot of ya since the day I got here...and I'm waaaaayyyy better then I was then)(was that undiplomatic of me?=)

:argue: bwhahahahaha:devil: :cuss:

still, hey its ummmm....friday and I ain't got shit to do


PPS not that I wouldn't appericate input from the other half of the board...ya know I love ya


PPPS not that I don't love the first half, I love ya'll just as much as the second half








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