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  1. Absinthe

    I've never tried this stuff yet...I'm not at all into being drunk but if I did want to try it I'd just get the wormwood and simmer it in grain (why pay somebody to fuck up what you can fuck up your self for free?{remember...uhhh grain is flammable}) course I'd do a little research first and not just try to do some idiot's on the net method or I met someone a week or two ago who said he makes a tea out of just the wormwood once a week...he said it doesn't really mess him up ... I guess the active constiuants of the wormwood combine with the grain to ... do what ever...anyway he said the tea was nice pleasent and good for cleaning the body might be worth looking into to kill some time one day
  2. That Kid Chris Live Tonight

    I caught that kid mixing down at a coffee shop in my part of town he's got some skills...I'd check out this mix for sure(you know if I didn't have any thing better to do) peace and love
  3. I like this ... brought a tear to my eye
  4. salvia

    this stuff is strong if used with respect it can put the spirit with you in a big way first you should try smoking the leaf...you might not see the spirit but it will see you then try some extract taken with a purpose salvia can be a very useful magical tool take your (((time))) and learn how to use it lovin you
  5. and it looks like I'm the only cper here within 1000 miles:tongue: really though I love this town... if anybody winds up over here hit me up, I've been here a couple of months already so I know where all the good coffie shops are
  6. freestyle thread...

    fuck emenie, you want the real shit then look no futher cause this is it watch my closely as I design a spell that leaves kats wishin they could rhmyme as well and drop lyrics that make the world freaky but I don't know what I'm saying cause this is just a free key still I'm about to take flight to new heights and later on tonight maybe rock the mic right as I take shit to a level thats legendary cause you know I always represent my fam illy peace
  7. **new Vocals??**

    maybe something like... Michelle Weeks - The Light (UBP Mix) or Bob Sinclar - The Beat Goes On (Junior Jack Mix)
  8. Why Is Hip Hop More Popular Than House

    ok first off I love hip hop, its a medium that I enjoy using (my other love is house) house on MTV!!! ... this idea is so replusive to me I had to leave this thread for an hour or two before I came back to post(other wise I would have insulted half the people in this thread). But I felt I should come back and say my piece I am sorely disapointed that my brothers and sisters would even sugest such a thing why? "Also, as was said before--having MTV exposure would help A LOT. But they need to see that there is massive money to be made before they put anything on the air." what so we should sell out our scene to make more money? cause last time I checked the scene was about more then just money lets look at hip hop since it seems to be the "ideal" to which house should inspire to what has MTV done for hip hop? nothing...right now true hip hop is hurting from the mainstream exposer (ya know what I mean). People genrally think that what they see when they turn on BET is hip hop while the real shit is getting buried by the pop hop (i.e. missy eloit, puff daddy) So the mainsteam appeal of hip hop is not only making life harder for the artists who have to overcome the preceptions of what (mainstream) hip hop has become, but is also ruining the scene around the music as clueless MTVers are drawn to the music and its my prediction that house would follow the same path if it were to join hip hop on MTV's top ten count down the music would become far cheeser and the scene would become just another place for the same crowds to stand around hoping to...well I don't really know what there doing but it sure ain't dancing in short house would lose its soul and that would make me sad...so I'm beggin with ya, pleading with ya don't let that happen oh yeah...and gimme some ass
  9. Classic House Tracks-greatest List

    great idea for a thread...I was just thinkin the other day how much I love the old stuff I got a couple I don't think got posted yet (well not for a while anyway...hahaha) Cajmere feat Dajae - Brighter Days Yazz and the Plastic Population - The Only Way is Up Exotic Birds - Upstairs Dub S' Xpress - Music Lover (Music Lovers Bass Mix)
  10. cheesy ferry corsten !!!!!

    oh well I guess things never stay the same
  11. HELP...I'm going deaf

    so I threw a set a couple of hours ago and part of it went something like and with out the samples mother's pride - learning to fly (original mix) soundtronic - we can fly (tribal sphere action mix) in dreams - where is the light (space runner mix) cj stone - into the sea (original mix) oceanlab - clear blue water (original and above and beyond progressive mix) I was pretty happy with the end result but I'd like to expand on the two concepts of flying then going underwater so if anybody knows about any tunes that would fit in... (lyrics wise...thanks) PS and since I know half of you are little bitch ass haters...shit...its not like I need help from your wack asses (you know since I've been able to spin rings around the whole lot of ya since the day I got here...and I'm waaaaayyyy better then I was then)(was that undiplomatic of me?=) bwhahahahaha:devil: still, hey its ummmm....friday and I ain't got shit to do peace PPS not that I wouldn't appericate input from the other half of the board...ya know I love ya PPPS not that I don't love the first half, I love ya'll just as much as the second half
  12. SEx or the GYm?

    heres the thing bro...if I got this right you wanna lay off sex so you can go the the gym and get buff so next summer your can wear tank tops and tight shirts. right? now let me ask you this... why do you wanna wear tank tops and tight shirts?
  13. my stupid mouth...

    john mayer??? and I was about to complment ya on a nice piece of poetry really you should always give credit to the auther when you post their work, just to keep kats from thinking you bitin ps ... hope ya start feelin better and stuff
  14. male prostitution

    so I was reading a magizine the other day and saw this ad that said something like... men wanted to have sex with women...earn up to 1,000 bucks a day so I was thinking to my self...hey I love to have sex...and a grand a day ain't that bad(specaily considering the work) I think I've have to move to las vegas were its legal I mean I don't really want to do it forever, but its sounds like a fun way to spend a couple of weeks plus being able to say my **** made me some $$$$$ would be a big boost to my ego so uhhh...what do ya'll think?