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  1. Jake Childs feat J.A.M.O.N "The Point" [PUR017] Remixes: Justin Harris, Zemi [angel alanis] FEEDBACK: Mike Kolour Recording - "all about the O.G. for me on this one. was fortunate enough to get this bit from Jake a while back and it's such a great tune with a fantastic groove as only Jake can do. the remixes just missed my mark but all n' all it's a tidy little package altogether. best of returns with it, pin-up! cheers mike kolour" Sleazy McQueen - Original mix is really tight, definitely somethin for me here. Jangatha - All the mixes are jammin. Each have their own feel and style. Zemi mix really catches me the most though. Awesome Release, Thanks! Manuel Sahagun - Zemi Remix is hot... not as hot as the girls in the cover Sound Diggers - "Brilliant ! Zemi remix is grime slime dopeness ! Rotation from me for sure !" Onionz - Zemi Remix is rockin! Lance DeSardi - Good release! I dig Jake's original and Justin's. Nice work boys! George Cochrane - The Zemi remix's really got me. Top stuff! Will support! Benji Candelario - Good Tune! Andy Toka - loving the original....full support SUPPORT FROM: Angel Alanis, Arco, Benji Candelario, Bobi Club FM, B.Original, Bryan Jones, Chuck Love, Damir Pushkar, Deep House Cat Podcast, Deron Delgado, Dj Dove, DJ Heather, Dudu Palandre, Eric Davenport, Funk Mediterraneo, Fuzion Radio, George Cochrane, Giano, Groovebugs, Jangatha, Lance Desardi, Laurence Ritchie, Magnus, Manuel Sahagun, Mike Kolour Recordings, Nick Stockley, Onionz, Paul Hammel, Rick Preston, Simon "Da Sunlounge" Newby, Sleazy McQueen, Sound Diggers, Terry Matthew [Managing Editor 5 Chicago Magazine], Tom A Drummond, Tom [special Intrest], Untitled Music, Victor John Junior, Zoran [bump Music] Click Art To Purchase
  2. Stompy Top Ten - B.Original

    B.Original Pin Up | Control | Prismatic Kelly Marie feat MC Astro - Body Rock [stebe littlemen] - maracuja Jake Childs - The Point - Pin Up Andrew Phelan & Brown - I Hate You - Prismatic Andy Clockwork - How Low Can You Go - Clocktower RecordsR Rick N & Ruediga Schneide.. - Leave Me Alone [Nick Maurer] - Shaker Plater The House INspectors - Doing It My Way [b.Original Pin Up Mix] - Control Easy Street - Dancin - HAWT Sonny Fodera - Homebaked (Frankie J - Flapjack Nikola & Sasha - Funk It - Kinjo Domspiral - Groove Train - Chestnut Ave
  3. :mrgreen: As The holidays are approaching Pin Up is decorating the studio and in the spirit. B.Original and Dizzo have had a chance to fool around a little bit and out a nice funky electronic twist on the song you know and love "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer". Your feedback is appreciated and we hope you all have an amazing holiday and new year. Thank you all for your continued support. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3mmkyelldno/Rudolph(2).mp3 B.Original Pin Up Recordings CEO
  4. Sleazy McQueen & Inland Knights

    A name that needs no introduction here: Sleazy supplies us with his signature deep disco bounce. A ridiculous vocal record that is great to start the night of with including echo's synths, discofied drums and a female vocal asking "Do You Hear me Calling" Inland Knights step up to bat for remix duties here and hit the nail on the head with a profound interpretation of the original. Pete-R & Jozsef Keller are back again on remix duties. Pete-R & Jozsef have made a home here at Pin Up and have stamped their remix full of electro and tech house essentials. Rulian Ross hailing from France comes with a bouncy minimal yet deep version and Tardz comes with an edgy version similar to the original. A great package here with plenty of remixes to suit any ear. Download: https://www.stompy.com/Label/Pin%20Up DJ Name Quote Medicine 8sound good B.Original-Whoa, Massive release here. Pete-R and Jozsef really have the big room mix but Sleazy and the Knights have the deeper side of things covered. Killer release. Sound Diggers Love the Ep but of IK mix is top of the pile for me ! Nice release guys Littlemen quality as ever from mr mcqueen and the knights Tom A Drummond IK and tardz mixes both rock! Massimo DeCosta Nice dub from IK. like it and will play it. Ian Kahua IK mixes sound good, a little more moody than normal but still on point Simon Da Sunlounge" Newby" All about the inland Knights mixes for me. Nacho Marco Inland Knights remixes for me ! Elan Hurtado I will be banging the hell out of IK rmx. Shits dooope! Atnarko IK Mixes and Tards mix for me ! nice one Jay West as always IK delivers Harold Heath some good stuff coming thru on this label at the mo, Inland Knights Dub for me Giom Great release here! I think both Inland Knights mixes are the ones i'll play out, but the original is great too. My favourite release on Pin Up so far. Good stuff Miles Maeda The Inland Knights strike again! Loving it... Joan Ribas sounds funky, nice one. Deron Delgado Excellent!! Can't go wrong with the Knights! JT Donaldson Full Support On The Inland Knight Remixes Bobi Club FM Really nice EP, hard to pick a favorite but Inland Knights remix is definitely the right one for me, but will play all. Bryan Jones Inland Knights remix is one of their best tracks/remixes in a long time. You lucked out on them giving you their best track haha. Thanks for the EP, will play the HELL out of that remix. Rick Neumann (Shak Digital) inland knights mixes are ueberdope full support from the shaker plates camp Deep House Cat Podcast Big Thumbs Up! Very nice track with even better remixes! Thanks very much for sharing! Best, Philipp :: Deep House Cat Show Najan Ward Will be support the Inland Knights Mix, test it on the floor this weekend, thanks for sending - Najan Ward, Lost My Dog Records Da Funk inland kinghts dub is ace! full support! Eddie Spettro Love the original! Tommy Largo dig the inland knights versions. Danny Morales One for the afterhours!!!!! Sleazy McQueen This song means a lot to me, a huge thanks goes out to Pin-Up for getting the package together and getting this out there. Mike Kolour Recordings all over the inland knights remix here. was lucky enough to score an advanced copy of their remix and have been playing it consistently over the past few months with a very well received dancefloor reaction. the other mixes are cool but the knights knock it out of the park for me. thanks! mike kolour Fuzion Radio very nice production with some quality remixes. Full support given. Ross Couch I'm certainly feeling this release. The Original mix brings the deepness and there's something about the chords that gets under your skin. The Inland Knights Remix is equally good too. Thumbs up! Magnus Nice pack of mixes, really feeling Calling (Inland Knights Remix. Original is dope too. thanks Giano Dope Release all arround!! Feeling both Inland Knights mixes teh most! Jason Hodges Will definitely rock this out,esp the Inland Knights remixes,they never disappoint! Jangatha Can't go wrong with IK. Def. the mix for me. Great production and grooviness. Dudu Palandre Great package, i do love the original and both inland knights remix. Nice mix of deep, funky and techy elements. Ill deffo play it out a lot. Manuel Sahagun Every version has something that I like... I will have to test them all! Arco Love this!Great release Inland knights remix pick for me Also really like original mix by Sleazy.. Will play for sure.Full support Many thanks! Nick Stockley Kinda like all the tracks here, real steady, but have to go with the IK remix, fantastic job. Eric Davenport Something for everyone on this release. I'll be playing the Inland Knights Dub. I'm a sucker for the acid house / funky house hybrid tracks. Danny Dubble D" Ward (20/20 Soundsystem)" nice... DJ Suppot: Amit Shoham, Anthony DeVito, Arco, Atnarko, B.Original, Bobi Club FM, Bollo, Bryan Jones, d-t3ch, Da Funk, Danny "Dubble D" Ward (20/20 Soundsystem), Danny Morales, Deep House Cat Podcast, Demi, Deron Delgado, Dudu Palandre, Eddie Spettro, Elan Hurtado, Eric Davenport, Fuzion Radio, Geelong Rubberstamps, Giano, Giom, Groovebugs, Harold Heath, Ian Kahua, Jangatha, Jason Hodges, Jay West, Joan Ribas, Joe Pendelio, Jozsef Keller, JT Donaldson, Kiko Navvaro, Littlemen, Magnus, Manuel Sahagun, Mark Farina, Massimo DeCosta, Medicine 8, Mike Kolour Recordings, Miles Maeda, Nacho Marco, Najan Ward, Nick Stockley, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Rees Urban, Rick Neumann (Shak Digital), Ross Couch, Rulian Ross, Simon "Da Sunlounge" Newby, Sleazy McQueen, Sound Diggers, Terry Matthew [Managing Editor 5 Chicago Maga, Tom A Drummond, Tommy Largo…
  5. New Justin Harris

    Justin Harris – Subway To The Underground Vol. 1 [PUU005] Let me start of by saying Pin Up is enormously excited about this next musician. We at Pin Up have been a fan of Justin Harris (MFF) for years. His innovating and abstract sound is one of a kind and we couldn't be happier to have him join the Pin Up family. You will be hearing more of Justin on the label in the future featured on some remixes that will be out in 2010. Justin signed up to do an underground series with us called the Subway To Underground series. B.Original and Justin have been chatting for quite some time now, both having influences from hip hop Mr. B.Original asked Justin to share his love with Pin Up. Justin offers you all a download of a 2 track bootleg as candy for your ears. Exclusively at www.stompy.com https://www.stompy.com/Label/Pin%20Up%20Underground]Click Here To Purchase Feedback: o Atnarko - Night and day for me! nice ep o Honey Dijon - Mr Harris always flips shit the right way! Loves it! o Giano - ALL DOPE!! o B.Original - Love the vibe on this one. Full support o Giom - Cool, nice little booties from Justin! Thanks for sharing these, these will def work a treat on the floor... o Eric Davenport - Funky Sexy Dirty House.... love it! o Benji Candelario – Good Tune!!! o Andy Toka [inland knights] - lik'in skateboard....nice o Jason Hodges - Choice cut - Skateboard..good work Justin! o Danny “Dubble D†Ward [20/20 Soundsystem] - ruff, tuff and very cheeky!!!!great!!!! g'waaaan harris!!!! o Tommy Largo - like the skateboard track. great basline and acidlines. will play! o Dudu Palandre - Great ep. Loving the bootlegs. Hip Hop vox over not obvious funky loops. The acid feeling on Skateboard makes it a wicked track. Full support here. o Rick Nueman - massive wall of sound from justin. skateboards the one for me on this one. Radio Support: Benji - Rhythmmix.com Bobi - Club FM Daniel McGlashan - [George FM] Deep House Cat Podcast Fuzion Radio Support: Andy Toka, Anthony DeVito, Asad Rizvi, Atnarko, B.Original, Benji Candelario, Benji Rhythmmix.com, Bobi Club FM, d-t3ch, Daniel McGlashan [George FM], Danny "Dubble D" Ward (20/20 Soundsystem), Deep House Cat Podcast, Deron Delgado, Dudu Palandre, Erefaan Pearce, Eric Davenport, Fuzion Radio, Giano, Giom, Groovebugs, Harold Heath, Honey Dijon, Jangatha, Jason Hodges, Joan Ribas, John Larner, Johnny Fiasco, Littlemen, Magnus, Manuel Sahagun, Mark Farina, Mike Disco, Miles Maeda, Najan Ward, Paul Madgwick, Rick Neumann (Shak Digital), Rulian Ross, Simon "Da Sunlounge" Newby, Sleazy McQueen, Soydan, Tom A Drummond, Tommy Largo and more…
  6. Storming Sky – Ivan Enot (Pin Up Recordings 011) Deep deep and deeper on this one here. Ivan Enot (Om Records) Support House Records label chief supplies Pin Up with an amazing track titled Storming Sky. Ivan likes to take you on a journey in his songs and this is one that you can get lost in. silky pads fill up the background will every instruments riff seamlessly intertwines over the pounding drums. New face on Pin up Magnus Wedberg hits us with a lovely deep remix that compliments the original well. Still keeping the vibe of the original, Magnus puts his bouncy deep signature on it. Click Here To Purchase Feedback: B.Original - Storming Sky (Original) The original really does it for me. Just a beautiful piece of music. Abicah Sole - Storming Sky (Magnus Wedberg Pirate Bass Remix) nice vibes loving it for sure. Tommy Largo - Storming Sky (Magnus Wedberg Pirate Bass Remix) diggin the magnus wedberg remix. will play! Anthony DeVito - Storming Sky (Original) Love both mixes....hard to choose a favorite. Demarkus Lewis - Storming Sky (Original) Nice deepness here guys.. original mix shall be added to rotation.. cheers Asad Rizvi - Storming Sky (Original) A lovely bit'o deep chunkiness...melikes! Benjii Candelario- Storming Sky (Original) Late Night at its Best!!! Alland Byallo - Storming Sky (Original) Classy house here. Nice synths and pads. The drums give it a bit too much of a mainstream feel for me, but overall nice work. Quell - Storming Sky (Magnus Wedberg Pirate Bass Remix) I'm really feeling Magnus' remix. I like the groove and the sound texture! Danny Morales - Storming Sky (Original) DEFINITELY AN AFTERHOUR AFFAIR. WILL REALLY WORK THE FLOOR. Eric Davenport - Storming Sky (Magnus Wedberg Pirate Bass Remix) Nice to hear synth based jazzy house with so many sample based tracks out there. Andy Toka - Storming Sky (Magnus Wedberg Pirate Bass Remix) really like magnus wedberg mix....wicked Mike (Kolour) - Storming Sky (Original) ivan enot and magnus wedberg are names that i'm seeing pop up a lot more here and there. nice deep rhythms with just enough punch to carry the dancefloor. good stuff pin-up. mike w kolour recordings Da Funk - Storming Sky (Magnus Wedberg Pirate Bass Remix) both tracks are cool! will definitly play! Ross Couch - Storming Sky (Original) Good stuff here from Ivan. storming Sky is a nicely layered deep tech track with plenty going on to keep your ears interested. Giom - Storming Sky (Original) Really liking the original mix, will try it out! Thanks mate Additional Support From: Amit Shoham, Angel Alanis, Bobi Club FM, Bollo, Bryan Jones, Deep House Cat Podcast, Deron Delgado, Dubble D, Elan Hurtado, Fuzion Radio, Groovebugs, Ian Kahua, Jangatha, Joan Ribas, Joe Pendelio, John Hawley, Jozsef Keller, Ken ECB, Lorant, Manuel Sahagun, Nick Stockley, Pete-R, Rees Urban, Rick Preston, Rulian Ross, Simon "Da Sunlounge" Newby, Slum Science, Sound Diggers, and more
  7. Over YOu by Pete-R is Finally released and out on exclusive www.stompy.com for a month before it hits other major download sites. Pete-R hits us with a beautiful sound of summer with "Over You". SUPPORT: Amit Shoham, Andy Toka, Angel Alanis, B.Original, Benji Candelario, Bobi Club FM, Bollo, Bryan Jones, d-t3ch, Deep House Cat Podcast, Digitally Imported FM, Eric Davenport, Fuzion Radio, Ivan Enot, Jangatha, Joan Ribas, Johnny Fiasco, Karol XVII MB Valence, Littlemen, Lorant, Magnus, Marissa Garcia, Mike Disco, Nick Stockley, Ray Testa, Rees Urban, Richie Santana, Rulian Ross, Simon "Da Sunlounge" Newby and more CLICK HERE TO LISTEN OR PURCHASE
  8. New Release adn Label News

    Back again on the second release for Pin Up Underground. B.Original releases a funky electric joint with bootleg vocals, distorted synths and a analog bass. Receiving support Angel Alanis, Chris Grant and more. Exclusive on Stompy.com Click Here for PIN UP UNDERGROUND NEWS: PIn UP Recordings presents the Various series. This series will featue various track by label artists and new comers. The first of the series is out on promo now. Will be exclusive on Stompy in 3 weeks Various 001: The first of the series with 3 Artists featuring 3 various deep tracks. B.Original supplies a minimal deep cut [speechless] that builds slow rhythms with a screaming “Talk To Me†vocal. Patrick Turner brings a dance ritual style cut with shuffling drums and lush elements. PSI Force [1/2 Astor] comes massive with an industrial deep cut titled Dinosaurs featuring lush strings, industrial drums and a driving bass.
  9. Pin Up Recordings

    I know I haven't posted in a while but i have been browsing the site and i'm back. Please add the new label PIN UP RECORDINGS We have featured artist such as Jake Childs, Jay Tripwire, Patrick Turner, Astor (Also known as Brighton Project), Erefaan Pearce, Vitroc (Anthony DeVito & Richard Les Crees) and me B.Original. you can check the myspace for all forthcoming releases. Soon to be available on all download sites. Enjoy Life B.Original
  10. I'm spinning this Monday at XS. www.myspace.com/boriginalmusic
  11. some pics

    Where are these girls when I go out. Everywhere I go there seems to be nothing but sweat hogs everywhere.
  12. black women. ki toy johnson

    She is Big Boi's wifes sister, I read about it last year in King Magazine
  13. willa ford...

    She's definetely hot, Had the chance to meet her and she's real nice. We spoke for like 5 min. She used to date the backstreet boy who's brother sings on the disney channel. I think she was on Columbia records (not sure). She does in fact write her own lyrics.
  14. Fav Producer/DJ

    I hate the record, cant stand the record, ect. But eric prydz is very talented. The record blew up so big on cd-r that Stevie Winwood actually came in the studio to resing the vocal for Eric. Also, Eric has some massive bombs on low end indie labels, but his major label dtuff is cheese.
  15. post a pic of yourself... WITHOUT MAKEUP/PHOTOEDITING!