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Barcelona NYE

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if you can read spanish, the best guide is:


here´s there nightclub section... even if you don´t know spanish you can piece through the descriptions and pictures of the individual clubs.


Discothèque is fucking wicked. The Loft is a good time too.


this site sucks but at least it´s in english. A few phrases in spanish to help you out (if you don´t know ´em)

Entrada - entrance

Año nuevo - New Year

Noche Vieja - New Year´s eve, literally means the "long night"

Consumicion - A drink. Spanish clubs typically offer a free drink with the cover.

Barra Libre - Open Bar - most decent clubs have an open bar for new years.

1€ equals about $1

Also bear in mind that most clubs do not open before midnight, so plan on spending new years eve somewhere else.

Good luck finding a place!



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