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what happened with the david padilla thread

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Originally posted by eddieg-soilder

What happened to the DP thread.....i want to hear this one.

I checked 4U. It is in the Drama section. Go to the Clubpanet.com Message Boards and underneath the cities is the Drama section.

Haven't read it but probably it was a "dramatic" thread.

Lately, most of Level's threads are pretty dramatic.


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I moved it because it was requested by someone I respect. I was in a hurry and didn't read it just figured it was the typical NJ crew drama crap.

Ill go back and read it... Was busy with holiday crap. If its not the drama I assumed, Ill move it back.

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Please read the thread, i have seen many threads in here that as worse.

As we all understand that respect someone that asked you...it is not fair to take it out...as alot of people here make threads that are even harded and nooone moves it...

This is supposed to be a theard about clubs, djs and opinions and as a person that has control and power over this thread...it is not fair and right for you to pick someone's side when there are opinions being made.

What i can see here is that this Miami room is not equal for the people and there are only a few selected group that are allowed to say what ever they feel.

If this is going to start happening i will have people call the main office's of clubplanet and make complians ....it might of been drama in your eyes...but in this MIami room there is so much drama why dont you guys take those out too.

please fix this matter and put that thread back it was not drama at all it was ALL FACTS.

Please a proper REF....not a bought one.


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