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    N.Y.C. - Miami & The Hamptons, oh yeah Locust Valley to :)
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    Clubs/ Music,Fast Cars. Fast Boats, Fast lifestyle and anything else thats a cut above the rest and extreme
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    Living the "lifestyle" to the fullest, having as much fun as I possibly can
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  1. Hi, its been a very long time, hope your well. David

  2. Yup, mine still works, wow I'm old!
  3. LOL this thing has been dead for years! Don't expect it to go back to the way it was. Its a differnt time now and this scene is a differnt culture. Just enjoy the memories ( the ones that are not fried!)
  4. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    Wow Its amazing what this board started from to its now antiquated stated. It was really good times though!
  5. So as you know limelight is now a shopping boutique. I received an email where Gilt Groupe is offereing a $15 private event to drink and shop. That would be the cheapest I ever paind to get in lol I gotta check it out
  6. So as usual someone said they were going to AVB so I put up the $, now there di**ing out of going. there loss is your gain. I'll give you th ticket at roseland no "processing fee's" lol
  7. I have one Xtra Ticket for anyone who wants is $40.00. The person who was supposed to go came up witha lame Xcuse not to go. There loss your gain.. Ill bring to you at roseland and no "processing fees" lol DJ
  8. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    lolahotass ..oh my... twilo - best time ever when i visited NYC in 1999 .. whats up girl?! OMG I cant believe this thread, very cool. Yea Joined in 97 ish I think, Its very cool to see some of the Screenames of the past!! Nice to see them still lurking on the boards as I on the rare occasion do. I started at Palladium, limelight and Lived at CPI's and Factory... Ok so I was all over the place On a side note that I hop you can rerlate to, The new Pulse 87 radio station is hiring program Directors. Wouldn't it be cool if Dangerous Dave Hanson from Old school KTU level 5 did some PD'ing over there and brting backl some of the old vibe??!! Where did that guy dissapear to?! I guess this stuff never compleatly leaves you ( Even with kids). very cool to see. many wonderful but shady memories.
  9. Chus & Ceballos sat...any1 going?

    I went there only because Pacha was closed, and to my surprise it was insane! I havent heard tribal in a while didnt think i liked but fortunatley it was awsome!! I was on the stairs for while, then went over to the corner ( cause i need a lot of room to move) but it wasnt overly sardine packed crowded thank god. good night overall , walked out at 6 I really liked the crowd to havent seen a crowd like that in a while!!
  10. I'm coming to South Beach!!

    Well its finally arived 3 years after I moved back to NY, im coming down to SoBe for a few days!! I cant wait lol, Space, SF Etc Etc any of the old CP heads still here whats up cant wait !!
  11. They usually take my number, (cause my phone is a piece of junk) But they never do call lol, but I think its for the best!
  12. So what do all u fockers do!!

    I work 3 part time jobs and go to school full time (finishing up my doctorate) 1) in a nursing home/ pt.ot rehab center doing patient couseling 2) Personal trainer at the local gym, suppling the JUICE lol 3 ) family business, retail packaging ( I.E. making those blue tiffany's boxes) And No I dont sleep!! LOL
  13. Speddy J and Liebing .....friday night

    I saw then for the first time in the spring i think totally by chance and I loved it!! I'm defniely going to go again , Its non stop NRG!!!
  14. OSCAR G B-DAY BASH @ PACHA | Fri 11/10

    Im there, my man from space! Hopfully this time the crowd is better, last time not many showed up.
  15. HOW was ATB at PACHA last nite?

    Besides being way over priced for entry, and the staff keeping everyone contained to the main dance floor. he was really good. if I didnt fell like a sardine it would have been really good time. I would defnitely check him out again if played some place else.