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Is anyone interested in this year's Bowl games?

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Besides the Championship game? Unless you're a rabid fan, alum or crooked booster of your particular college - there really isn't nothing to get exited about. The only game with any interest in the Fiesta Bowl, and that will only be good for the first quarter.

The BCS has made all the other bowl games irrelevant - I certainly don't give a shit about the other games, because in my eyes - they don't count, and that's a shame!

Thanks BCS and fat-cat Conferences:mad:

4 more years till a playoff system hopefully!

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oh god, please dont start with that Rose Bowl elitist bullshit you Big Ten & Pac-10 peeps start .. The reason why they arent playing in the Rose is becuase of the current BCS configuration and the Orange Bowl had the first pick of the litter. For once, it looks fair this year. It worked, that's all I could say. I've heard plenty of what if's ... sit down and enjoy the game :)

As far as interesting bowl games that are left to be played. There are a few that have caught my eye. One being the Fiest Bowl where my Hurricanes will play the Buckeyes, and win ofcourse. The others are:

AXA Liberty Bowl: Colorodo State vs. Texas Christian

Chik-fil-A Peach Bowl: Tennessee vs. Maryland

Diamond San Fransisco Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Air Force

Gator Bowl: North Carolina State vs. Notre Dame

and ofcourse the rest of the BCS games to be played

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