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it's for the "2nr" crowd.

packing a whopping 108hp and 106ft-lbs of tq.

in other words, it's for the stylish "wannabe" performance crowd who's more concerned with indiglow gauges, rims, playstation consoles and strobe LED's than real performance.

I think it's a perfect idea. At least give em their own brand so they can stay the hell away from real shit.

Toyota knows they can make tons of cash if they market it right. They will, too.

Look at scion.com if you don't believe me. Looks like it should be a poster hanging in an abercombie store.

then again...

at under 2500lbs each, they won't be too sluggish. That's close to the weight of a stock miata.

Additionally, there's the CcX, which proves to be a different beast entirely.

2.4L engine - they say with an automatic but i know they'll shove a stick in there too. These cars already have turbokits in japan available, and if analysis serves me right, the CcX is using a modified Corolla/Matrix platform which means it could possibly use the AWD system. a turbo'ed 2..4L AWD hatch weighing 2800lbs wouldn't be so bad after all;)




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