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attn kaydup and nyisformeatheads


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I Don't know who you guys think i am but i swear to god this is my only name and only account. I do have an account on the other board (avalon) but i have never posted there. The only board i really post on is mannys board.The only way i think i can(maybe)prove that i am not is look when i registered. i think its dec 2000. i have just been lurking here for a while and finally decided to post. I hope this clears shit up. so i might be a schmuck but i am not that schmuck.


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sorry for not responding back but while you all were shoveling snow i was shoveling food and drinks into my mouth on a carnival cruise. Yeah the weather kinda sucked, it rained for like 10 minutes and it was only 85 degrees for 7 out of the 8 days.

yeah i knew it was gonna be a problem because as i said i was a lurker for a while and i saw the drama with jk9 or whatever he calls himself. Me i am from the northshore and i do go out just not as much as i used to. But now i need to go and finish shoveling:mad: later

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