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Has anyone heard about this?

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I am really wishy-washy on this whole thing. I haven't seen the website yet (I can't get it here at work for some reason), so I don't know the whole deal. From the rumors I've heard, it's going to be guest DJs once a month and residents the other 3 weeks. Well, considering the cover is only $5, the guests will probably blow monkeys. I thought I read someone joking about Dave Ralph DJing there. If that's the case, I'm NEVER going to support this night. Guest DJs are cool, Dave Ralph is not. Debo's fucking homosexual cronies get enough attention as it is, they don't need to go and ruin the one got night at axis we might have. Aside from that, I've also heard that Debo is going to spin most nights. If he's opening, I'm fine with that.. if he's closing, I won't go. I don't think he's a very good DJ and I see no point in hauling my ass to Boston to hear him drop the latest mix of 'Chilling Moments'. I'd love to hear Ali, Porter, Whalen, even Arsit spin on a Thursday, but if Debo takes this as his chance to headline, then I'm not going.

The night could be really good. But I don't think they'll pay the guests enough to make it worth their while, we'll get stuck with second-rate acts, and I'll be all bitter. Clubbing in Boston is going to blow for a while, I'm really hoping this night makes me eat my words.

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The fact that Dave Ralph has anything to do with this night means it's already off to a bad start. If he doesn't want to play to such a shit crowd, he should stop playing his signature brand of cheesy, shit music.

As for the DJs that have agreed to play.. it sounds awesome. But, like everything in Boston, I'll believe it when I see it. For instance, JOHN DIGWEED WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER PLAY A THURSDAY IN AXIS EVER AGAIN. Think of what a ridiculous mob scene it would be if he did.... he couldn't fit in Avalon... let alone Axis. So, I have a tough time believing any of the other acts will be there.

I'm really hoping I get proved completely wrong here. Nothing would make me happier.

And like I said, I'll go out and support the night if Debo and Dave Ralph aren't on the bill. I'll also go if Debo opens, but doesn't headline. Otherwise, I'll find something else to do on a Thursday (the best night to go out all week... proven again last night).

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Originally posted by kaydup

Meatheads #1 favorite lineup:

10 till 11: John Debo

11 till closing: Dave Ralph

:laugh: :laugh:

I <3 Debo and Dave Ralph... what a great combo!

I've heard a big hype surrounding Dave Ralph lately too! Definitely some big things coming out from him. His popularity is just steam rolling! Just like most trollish, over 40, go-nowhere DJs who spin the same predictable music and end each one of their sets with "The Joker"! I love that, it's so cool... what better way to end a night out than hearing "The Joker"... EVERYTIME he spins!! w00t!!

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