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Jordan's last game tonight!


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i can't believe that this truly is it. i know hes come out of retirement twice already, but i really do feel this is it for him. never again will we see a player of his skill, finesse and drive. so many memories of the guy. i'm not scared to admit, for the longest i wanted to be like Mike. hell, i still do. I will have to tape this game. remember when he stayed out gambling and still came out and torched the knicks?? remember in his fifth game back from the first retirement, he lit the knicks for 55?? remember when stackhouse called the NBA an easy league during his rookie season, so Jordan took offense and dropped 48 on him?? remember during game 2 of their 1st championship, up by like 20 points, Jordan came down the middle, switched hands mid-air for perhaps the most acrobatic move in the NBA ever?? remember when he hit 6 of 6 3 pointers in the first half against portland in the finals and just gave magic that look of bewilderment?? how about the shot agianst cleveland on the inbounds pass to eliminate them from the playoffs?? how about on the dreamteam, the behind the shoulder pass from magic for the thunderous slam?? ahhhh man, the memories, i could go on forever. MJ will sorely be missed :cry:

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