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Tribute to the BEST Baller EVER !!!

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Thanks MJ for the long lasting memories and awesome showcasing over the years...I'm glad I was here to witness it, couldnt have hoped for anything better....too bad you denied Ewing and the Knicks their outright right to win one or two...

Happy sailings !!:aright:

Guys...what are your most vivid memories of MJs' reign in the NBA?

Mine was when he dipped 55 on the knicks :mad: Second game when I went to MSG !!!

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When I think of the NBA, in all honesty, the first person I think of is #23, Michael Jordan, in a Chicago Bulls uniform. I never was a basketball fan, and I'm still not to this day. I admit, I do enjoy the play-offs, and in college, March Madness always interested me (a little).

I started to watch the NBA when the Bulls Dynasty started in the 90's. Being from the Detroit area, I was a Pistons fan, and we had our big back-2-back Championships in `89 & `90... Isiah Thomas, John Sally, Bill Lambieer, Dennis Rodman... those were the guys.... Then came along a character from UNC - Michael Jordan. His style of play simply blew me away. I found myself watching more NBA - only Jordan of course....;)

I'm not going to sit here and say I was the biggest fan or anything like that. What I will say is thanks to a man that brought a smile to my face when he stepped on the court. He truly is probably one of, if not, thee most gifted-basketball player to play the game. He ranks up there with the Wilt Chamberlins, "Pistol" Pete Marnovichs, and Dr. J's....:D

Its no secret that Jordan was cut from the Varsity Team when in 10th grade. Jordan worked his ASS off to get where he's at.... And that, hands down, is one thing I admire the most. He wasn't given a free ride; he didn't have to skip college to join the league............He worked hard and it paid off.......:)

The dunks from half-court with his tongue out; shooting free-throws with his eyes closed; making "clutch" shots, his ball-handling skill, etc... What I realized ~ I watched history while growing up in the 90's... I watched it happen and I loved it all....:D

After his dad got capped and he left, I quit watching the game. When he came back as #45 or whatever, it wasn't the same either. But it still doesn't take away that the guy is the fuckin' bomb when it comes to basketball....:D

So with this, I say THANK YOU to MICHAEL JORDAN for the memories he has created and the history he will leave behind. Best of luck in all you do....:)

IF I COULD BE LIKE MIKE!! :eek: :eek: :eek:



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Originally posted by someclown

Oh my goodness. Sorry. I thought we were going to talk about Wilt Chamberlain. My bad...

No that would be located in the "i banged over 1,000 chicks and I scored 100 points in one game" thread.

Sorry for the confusion:tongue: ;):D

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what a sad time is sports, to see the greatest of all time walk away for the 3rd time.........................................

diggas been a fan of MJ since the dayz MJ was battling with the detroit pistons!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant think of my favorite MJ moment, but i can still say the "come fly with me video" word for word........................



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