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Originally posted by 36


:laugh: Yes! I've been waiting for this thread forever!!!

OK - so I'm going out shopping tonight to buy some new black pants and new black shoes. I'm getting my hair done (foil and cut) and then going to watch Sleepless in Seattle for the 20th time.

OMG!! I heard the best gossip today too!!! I'd post it here but you-know-who is probablly still lurking around :rolleyes: pscht- whatever. So check ur pm's. ;)

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Yeah if fix means to pull it into a hundred little pieces and leave it there - then sure they can fix things! Oh! So that thing we were talking about earlier - I really don't think it's normal, but if I were you I'd probablly keep playing along with him so he doesn't get a complex - tell him it must be all the stress from trying to pull off the lawyer/dj thing and slip some viagara into his drinks or something. If that doesn't work then I know this guy that would be PERFECT for you :D

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