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Is You a Patriot?

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Originally posted by siceone

fucking bullshit so much spin it's disgusting

In Texas, New York CIty and Florida this is bullshit and spin.

This isn't bullshit. This isn't spin, it's the truth and it's staring right at you.

The same people who criticize Clinton for the bombing of Serbia are the same ones who praise Bush for the bombing of Iraq. The same people who tell us to shut up about bush are the same ones who whine about clinton. You cannot have it both ways.

Why is it ok for bush to bomb Iraq and not ok to bomb Serbia? I get it. It's all in the political parties and pholosophies isn't it. No! YOU ARE HYPOCRITES!!

On civil rights: The patriot act is taking it away and people who blindly follow what the government is doing are doing the same thing! Obviously, you never read the patriot act. I have and in it I found simularities of what Hitler did in 1939 with the Enabling Act.

When you clain this bullshit and spin you are only lying to yourself and believing the lies out government and FOX news are telling you. They are part of the US nazi style propaganda network.

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That was hilarious, :laugh:

Speaking of the dixie chicks, what happened to them is just ridiculous. And pro war people, like myself are not, or should not be in the slightest way insulted by this. Hence the theme was the overly stretching use of patriotism used as a bases for war. Which I myself think is completely wrong.

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