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  1. Back

    Thanks for the advice I will try those.
  2. Article on Lesbianism

    I recently came across an interesting article on lesbianism. What are your thoughts? Do you consider yourself to take an active or passive role in your relationships? The opinions in the article are historic in nature, however do they say anything about homosexuality today? Or are they outdated archaic ways that form a definitive dichotomy of sex, when in actuality one does not exists, for example are sexual roles either passive or active? In light of the current popularity or should I say coming out of recent bi sexual and lesbian women, I wonder if this trend has undertones of control issues, i.e. taking on active roles in relationships, etc. Or is it simply an attention seeking mechanism used by women today? Part of the Article (it was rather long): Female homoeroticism in Rome was frequently discussed and written about · Sources: we see evidence of this in Roman Medical writings, love spells, dream interpretations, astrological texts and comments by philosophers and dramatists · We also see in Roman Empire the rise of Latin Nouns for women who loved other women sexually (Lesbia - used by Clement of Alexandria, Tribas - used frequently by writers) · Bernadette Brooten argues that we can essentialize lesbians easier than gay men because "lesbians" or the equivalent Noun, have existed since the Roman Empire · The consistency of a lesbian concept may be due to the consistency of women's social status CENTRAL ISSUE: In phallocentric culture dominated by men, sex between women was seen through that lens - Women who had sex together violated the role of women serving men. This act flew in the face of male dominance. Furthermore, Men assumed that women must see sex as they did - with a penetrator and penetrated. One woman had to assume the role of a man and penetrate the other - an obscene act to men who were angered by the idea of women emulating men. · Act / Impact issue - a phallocentric question. For men whose sex is centered around penetration, the role of penetrator and penetrated is central. For women, this question is historically peripheral · Active / Passive issue for male writers - It deeply troubled male writers to consider who was the active and passive partners in woman/woman sex · Was an "Active" woman who inserted an object into another woman "Manlike" and deserving of scorn? Did the passive partner who allowed this woman to be a man deserve scorn as well? · Masculinity is attached to women for not submitting to men, as well as for acts they perform together · We do not know what the women thought of the active / passive issue, only what men had to say about it Sources for Female Homosexuality: Commissioned Love spells · Written by men, following secret formula · Read Page 83 Astrological Texts · Astrologers believed that the stars could cause "unnatural" behavior such as lesbian sex (male homosexual sex was deemed natural) · Because of a certain configuration of the stars when a girl was born, she would be a Tribas, virago, or other orientations · *Sexual orientations were not only homo, bi and heterosexual, but astrological orientations for unnatural women could include passive / active roles, age roles, attraction to foreigners, attraction between economic statuses, etc. · * Passive / Active roles were more important to the astronomers than male or female roles Medical texts · Doctors such as Soronos and Ephesos frequently wrote about Tribades as mentally ill · Whereas men who penetrate boys or men could be viewed as healthy, women who penetrated other women, or women who allowed themselves to be penetrated by a woman (not a man) were always viewed as sick ·
  3. This section is a little too right wing/fascist .......

    What would that say about clubbers if they were all homogenous? Also you stated clubbers are more open-minded, liberal, and humane. Are you trying to imply that the right is closed-minded, conservative and inhumane? What about liberal republicans? Also I would not go as far as to say that all republicans are close minded and inhumane.
  4. Back

    I have some definition in my back from dancing, but I want more. What exercises, and how much weight should I use to further define my back?
  5. Discovering my sexuality

    Here's a link you can watch the show yourself. (scroll downn its after the porn star one) oprah site
  6. Discovering my sexuality

    I do not recall specifically, but I did see it on Oprah, hehe. I will try to find out where exactly.
  7. It's official...We're Stupid...again!

    Very valid point...
  8. Discovering my sexuality

    Speaking of Polygamy, Did you know that it is legalized in certain states in the United States. Many of which the women are not free to leave at their own will etc, and are forced at a very young age into marriage. Why is the government able to recognize polygamy but not gay marriage? I admire and respect people who make me question my belief systems more than those who concur. But as far as that article, that author did little to sway my opinion.
  9. Discovering my sexuality

  10. Shoe Fetish

    Shoes are definitely an addiction for me. Especially Manolo's, love at first sight every time...
  11. For my fellow flat chested ladies

    Asymetrical cuts, so hot. Big chested women step aside, this look is not for you hehe.
  12. Fashion no-no

    Men, don't ever do this.. regardless of what designer is doing it...
  13. How many more people have to die til the US pulls out??

    My point is they do not care about people dying. If they did they would promote peace and be anti-war in general.
  14. How many more people have to die til the US pulls out??

    For the most part, nations do not enter war for the primary reason of keeping the death count at a minimum. If this were the case the U.S. would not have entered war to begin with...
  15. closet full of clothes...

    This is so true. Well you could always try updating your old clothes. If your not handy with a a pair of scissors or sewing machine I would not recommend it. I for one constantly alter my clothes to fit the new trends. For example shortening the hems of skirts. For the most part I think jeans have the longest shelf life. You can always change them up by adding embroidery, or other designs along the hem lines, like many designers do each season. You can also alter dresses to have a completely new look. Lately Ive been opening up the back of many of my dresses bringing it down to just below the waist. I think this look is so sexy, where the back is completely exposed. I could go on forever, I think more people should experiment, it really is not as difficult as it sounds. If you spent a fortune on a dress that is quality material by no means throw it out just try to update it. Or make it into a shirt or something. The possibilities are endless.