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Unsafe Seat Belts - Chrysler

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A letter that I received from the safety department at work.

A seat buckle installed in Daimler Chrysler vehicles beginning with the 1993 model year is dangerously prone to unlatching during auto accidents. The buckle, known as the generation 3 (GEN 3 ), may have been installed in as many as 16 million Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles.

A special concern is the buckle used to secure infant/child car seats.

The Gen3 buckle, is distinguished by a realease button that juts higher above the button cover than other safety belts, such as predecessor. This design fails to meet the standard auto industry test for accidental release. A newer safety buckle, GEN 4 meets the industry standard.

A Texas Jury in June of 2000 found this buckle defective in its design and responsible for the death of Corpus Chritsi man. A judge in Moran vs. Daimler Chrysler subsequently awarded Bart Moran's wife and child $6.7 million. At least 14 deaths and 19 serious injuries have been linked to the GEN 3 buckle. Each year 10,000 americans die as the result of not buckling their seat belt. But how many have buckled up, only to have had the seat belt fail them???????

Just figured I would pass this along...

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